Category 20: Combination Print/Digital Presentation is for single topics that have both print and digital components that will be judged together. Enter one or multiple pages or spreads that best demonstrate coverage of one theme.

The print entry should include content from no more than five (5) editions. Multi-page print entries do not have to be consecutive pages or consecutive publication dates. All digital submissions must have been posted to the web or made available for public viewing in 2019.

  • 20A.a News
  • 20B.a Sports
  • 20C Features
  • 20D Other (Entries submitted in “Other” may be moved to a listed subcategory if it is a match. Attach near the Entry Form an explanation written in English of why the entry does not fit into one of the listed subcategories.)

Fill out the form below to enter this category. Use one form per entry. Once you have submitted the form, you will be prompted to “edit response” or “submit another response.” Use “edit response” to view and print your entry form. Once you have printed out your entry form, you can attach/tape it to the print portion of the entry. Select “submit another response” to fill out a new entry form. The print portion of the entry needs to be shipped as normal, those instructions along with the Call can be found here.

Paying for Category 20 entries: Entrants have two options for paying in this category:

Option 1. Pay online for your Category 20 entries here:  


Option 2. Include your Category 20 payment with the rest of your competition payment. Simply make note of your entries on the tally and payment form included with the Call for Entries that can be found here.

Deadline to submit entries is January 25, 2020. Questions? Please email [email protected]

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