Adonis Durado keynote address
Adonis Durado shows examples of his work during Friday afternoon’s keynote session. (Photo by Kenney Marlatt)


There’s one year left before the next World Cup, and on Friday, SNDCLT attendees were able to hear from Adonis Durado and Antonio Farach, two individuals from Muscat Media Group whose World Cup coverage has impressed designers around the world. Working at the Times of Oman, Durado and Farach created an award-winning World Cup supplement last year that won multiple medals and awards at SND’s annual Best of Design competition.

The judges praised them for their “indefatigable creativity” and “creative range and spirit,” which attendees got to see examples of during the keynote on Friday afternoon.

Here are five takeaways from the event:

1. Embrace crazy ideas
“You have to entertain crazy ideas.” That was one of the first statements that Durado made during the keynote. “I told my staff: the crazier your ideas, the more I think it’s better.” As long as you know who your audience is, Durado said, you know your team and you know your goal, risks will pay off. He also showed examples of covers that The Times of Oman created during the World Cup Series.

2. Plan well but ‘allow for serendipity’
Planning is always key to a well-done package. For big events especially, planning is crucial to a story’s success and serviceability to its audience. Durado used the example of a joint Argentina/Germany jersey that his team created for a cover. They had originally wanted the jersey photographed by itself, but that didn’t work. Then they tried two men wearing the jersey, but that didn’t work either. They planned as much as they could, but they still ran into problems before they finally reached their solution. Learn how to problem solve, Durado said, and don’t assume things will always go without a hitch.

Times of Oman World Cup ball
The folded World Cup ball — a highlight of the Times of Oman’s 2014 World Cup coverage.


3. Do the nitty gritty stuff
One of the pieces of work that gave the Times of Oman the recognition that it did was the creation of a life-sized 3-D ball graphic. Farach showed the audience a quick behind-the-scenes look at the research that went into planning the creation of the ball. They learned how to incorporate hexagons and pentagons in the design to make it geometrically fit as well as the kinds of patterns that could be repeated on the ball to make it both authentic and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Use all your resources
It’s all about visuals. Utilize all your resources to make the best visuals you can. Maybe it’s about taking the best photos, maybe it’s about creating the best graphics. Or maybe it’s about using paint, food and typography to make a World Cup cover to depict a match between Italy and England. But whatever it is, do it yourself, and use everything you have to get it done.

5. Don’t forget to have fun
All in all, it’s about storytelling. “Creativity knows no bounds,” Durado said. Be a storyteller and don’t forget to have fun. Trying new things and experimenting will always pay off, and as long as you work around the content and around the story, the rewards will come.