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It’s hard to really thank these companies, programs, vendors and individuals enough. But we’ll try — all week long at SND Charlotte. In fact, #SNDCLT would not be a shadow of what we hope you’ll experience without the support, services and sponsorship these folks gave to bring you a top notch workshop experience. Please get to know them, check out their products, and join us in thanking them for their support. — Steve Dorsey, Jon Wile, Kyle Ellis and the SND Board


American City Business Journals

American City Business Journals (ACBJ) is the largest publisher of metropolitan business newsweeklies in the United States, with 43 business publications across the country reaching more than 3.6 million readers each week. We also offer specialty publications for sports fans, sports business readers and classic car enthusiasts. ACBJ is a multi-platform media company providing in-depth coverage of local business communities and breaking news. Through print, digital products and face-to-face events, ACBJ offers business leaders many avenues for making connections and gives them a competitive edge locally, regionally and nationally. ACBJ is the premier media solutions platform for companies that target business decision-makers.


Commercial Type

Based in New York and London, Commercial Type is a joint venture between Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz, who have collaborated since 2004 on various typeface projects, most notably the award-winning Guardian Egyptian, designed for The Guardian. The company publishes retail fonts developed by Barnes and Schwartz, their staff, and outside collaborators, and also represents the two and their team when they work together on type design projects. Commercial Type has created custom typefaces for publications around the world, including The Daily Telegraph (UK), Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), Vanity Fair, Esquire, and the 29 newspapers published by The McClatchy Group, helping to build and maintain distinctive voices across all kinds of media.

Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation is a national foundation with strong local roots. We invest in journalism, in the arts, and in the success of cities where brothers John S. and James L. Knight once published newspapers. Our goal is to foster informed and engaged communities, which we believe are essential for a healthy democracy.

INFORMED AND ENGAGED COMMUNITIES: The Knight brothers believed that a well-informed community could best determine its own true interests and was essential to a well-functioning, representative democracy. The brothers pursued those beliefs, building and running one of America’s largest and most successful 20th-century newspaper companies.

The Knights formed Knight Foundation to promote excellence in journalism and the success of the communities in which they worked, in the words of Jim Knight. The company was sold, and the foundation, ever evolving, carries on this work.

OUR BELIEFS: We believe in freedom of expression and in the values expressed in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. We believe that quality information is essential for individuals and communities to make their own best choices, and that journalism plays a critical role in that democratic process.
We believe in equitable, inclusive and participatory communities.

Type Network

Type Network is a new model for type design, development, and licensing, built in response to the increasingly complex needs of type designers and type users. Type Network is a private company, with type designers making up the majority of ownership. This ensures that our goals align with our mission—to find the best designers and to support and publish their work.
The Type Network team has been working in digital type since desktop publishing first gave designers the tools to take control of their own typography. From Postscript to TrueType to OpenType and web fonts, our tradition of pushing the boundaries of type design and development is ingrained in Type Network.


Advance Local

Advance Local is part of Advance Publications, one of the largest privately held media companies in the United States. Advance Publication’s portfolio of businesses includes Condé Nast and American City Business Journals. Advance also has extensive interests in companies including Reddit, 1010 Data, and Pitchfork.

Advance Local’s ten media groups are the leading provider of news and information in their markets. Holding the #1 position in all of our markets means our brands are deeply rooted in our communities and best positioned to create deep connections with consumers.

Advance’s sites also attract national audiences. Our top DMA’s represent 11 of the top 20 in the U.S.: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit and Cleveland.

alley interactive

The world’s top publishers face complex digital challenges in the evolving digital media landscape.
We’re here to solve them.

We’re not just experts in design and technology. We’re professionals with years of experience tackling some of the biggest issues in publishing, and as a team, we have created a high-performance culture that prioritizes quality, transparency, and accountability. We understand every aspect of creating large-scale web projects at the biggest and best media companies and can navigate business, editorial, and technology concerns.
Alley Interactive was built on the idea that creative professionals and publishers should partner from project discovery to site delivery and beyond. We’ll help you select the right technologies for your needs. Our team will internalize your vision and craft a solution that fits your brand, budget, and ambition.

We believe that launch is not the finish line. Our primary goal is the stewardship of our customers’ digital businesses. Not only do we routinely take on maintenance of the sites we’ve built, we often take on existing web properties, create training programs, and provide strategic consulting and insights to publishers with their own internal teams.

CQ Roll Call

CQ Roll Call, based in Washington, D.C., is the premier source of timely news, objective facts and analysis, and coverage of elections and the politics of legislation. CQ Roll Call offers federal and state tracking tools and grassroots advocacy software for professionals. They provide essential intelligence and grassroots advocacy resources to take action. As the premier source of timely news, objective facts and analysis, and coverage of elections and the politics of legislation, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the legislative process and give our clients the tools they need to maximize their influence. We are the ultimate insider, and our unmatched network of relationships and expertise has powered the productivity of those who rely on us since 1945.

Frere-Jones Type

Over 25 years, Tobias Frere-Jones has established himself as one of the world’s leading typeface designers, creating some of the most widely used typefaces, including Interstate, Poynter Oldstyle, Whitney, Gotham, Surveyor, Tungsten and Retina.

Tobias received a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1992. He joined the faculty of the Yale University School of Art in 1996 and has lectured throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. His work is in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2006, The Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague (KABK) awarded him the Gerrit Noordzij Prijs, for his contributions to typographic design, writing and education. In 2013 he received the AIGA Medal, in recognition of exceptional achievements in the field of design.

USA Today Network

At the USA TODAY NETWORK, we exist to make communities stronger. To do that, we inform them, equip them, empower them — in part as an award-winning news organization, but also as a modern media company acting as a force for the greater good. And in doing so, we’re fostering deep and vital connections between the members of our communities and the world around them.


Maps4News belongs to the MapCreator family, a group of map fanatics working together to make mapmaking easy, fast and accessible for everyone. We are helping our clients to define their visual and stylistic map design to provide them with the perfect mapping tool to publish their maps through printed communications, websites, products and more.


McClatchy: At the heart of what matters in every community we serve. Every day, we inform, protect, and inspire 28 growing markets across the country. Our unparalleled quality has made us a leading media company in every community we serve.

(RJI) Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, Missouri School of Journalism

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute works with citizens, journalists and researchers to strengthen democracy through better journalism. RJI seeks out the most exciting new ideas, tests them with real-world experiments, uses social science research to assess their effectiveness and delivers solutions that citizens and journalists can put to use in their own communities.


Upstatement is a Boston-based digital design and engineering firm that builds modern media experiences. Their portfolio includes work for The Boston Globe, ESPN, Penguin Random House and more. They are a free-thinking, fun-loving digital shop that’s boutique by design. Each client collaborates closely with a multi-disciplinary team of designers, developers, and strategists. Everyone here does a little bit of everything, which helps us move fast to make innovative products.


Hoefler & Co.

Famous for creating long-lived typefaces marked by high performance and high style, H&Co creates the fonts that help shape the world’s foremost institutions, publications, causes, and brands.

With a library of nearly 1,500 typefaces designed for print, web, office and mobile environments, fonts by H&Co are everywhere: you’ll find them on Twitter and at Tiffany & Co., in Wired and The Wall Street Journal, on every can of Coca-Cola, and on every iPhone ever made. Our fonts help organizations like the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Office of Barack and Michelle Obama.
The only type foundry ever to be honored by the National Design Awards at the White House, H&Co typefaces are in the permanent collections of both the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


OwnLocal is the digital ad platform for local media. We work with more than 2,600 media companies and 80,000 SMBs in North America, Europe, and Australia to automatically turn traditional advertisements into sophisticated digital marketing campaigns. This adds hundreds of thousands of dollars in new, recurring revenue for our media partners every year. We are based out of Austin, TX and have 70 employees.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post is one of the fastest growing media companies in the world. Based in Washington, D.C., The Washington Post is a daily newspaper that reaches more than 100 million unique visitors per month through its digital products.

It was independently acquired by Amazon founder and CEO, Jeffrey P. Bezos, in 2013 from the Graham family and has seen immense growth ever since. The Washington Post is best known for its Watergate coverage that led to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon in 1974 but it has entered a new era as a digital news leader.

In 2017, The Washington Post was named one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Media Companies” by Fast Company coming in at #2 “for turning a legacy brand into a digital frontrunner.” Marty Baron, featured in the 2016 Oscar-winning movie Spotlight, is the executive editor of The Washington Post.

Top Level Design

Top Level Design LLC was founded with the express intent to deliver a new generation of Internet naming through creative and passion-driven TLDs. Our original portfolio was for 10 TLDs and we continue to work with ICANN and other applicants to define the stewards for 2 of the contested TLDs. We are already the proud registry for the .wiki, .ink, and .design TLDs and provide registrar services through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Porkbun LLC. We are based out of Portland, Oregon with a presence on the East coast as well, and work with a global mindset.

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The Undefeated

The Undefeated is the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports and culture. We enlighten and entertain with innovative storytelling, original reporting and provocative commentary.

Not conventional.

Never boring.

“You see, we may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. It may even be necessary to encounter the defeat, so that we can know who we are. So that we can see, oh, that happened, and I rose. I did get knocked down flat in front of the whole world, and I rose. I didn’t run away – I rose right where I’d been knocked down. And then that’s how you get to know yourself. You say, hmm, I can get up! I have enough of life in me to make somebody jealous enough to want to knock me down. I have so much courage in me that I have the effrontery, the incredible gall to stand up. That’s it. That’s how you get to know who you are.” — Maya Angelou


We work to bring you the ultimate personal map.
For me, for you, for everyone: A universal client, offering social and real-time animated maps, with user-focused content.

For publishers, for brands: Our solution leverages the power of digital maps to generate revenue, traffic and loyalty.