Wemap developed a breakthrough map technology that has been adopted in just a few months by global leaders like Le Parisien, Hachette and ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. The French-American start-up is building a smart maps platform to offer individuals and organizations a bridge to the real world: combining meaningful information and practical services.

Wemap combines an intuitive user experience and a powerful tool to connect a map to any sources and publish it. By empowering publishers to create and embed live maps with their content in minutes, Wemap has already reached 4 million monthly views of its maps.

“We are excited to be a sponsor of Unite + Rebel and have created this smart map of Charlotte for the occasion”, said Tony Sullivan, co-founder and VP of Wemap. You can find Wemap in exhibitor space at the workshop and see Tony Sullivan’s ignite talk at 1:30 on Friday during the Ignite Talks C session held in Carolina A+C.

To learn more about Wemap’s technology visit getwemap.com

Visit Wemap’s SNDCLT demo here.