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Ignite talks return to the SND annual workshop again this year for the third year in a row. Ignite-style talks are an alternative presentation style that challenges the speakers to summarize their session into just 20 slides that are auto-advanced every 15 seconds. Each presentation is only 5 minutes long. SND Charlotte adds a new wrinkle this year as we’ll be interspersing 12 ignite talks throughout the general sessions, preceding keynote sessions. We’re very excited to continue to have ignite talks this year and so pleased to present our 12 speakers who have agreed to do this. Make no mistake, these speakers will make it look easy but these sessions take lots of prep.

Join us, please, at the main stage, and cheer on the following igniters in Charlotte!

Ignite, Group A

Thursday, April 20 at 10:15 am
Details in the #SNDCLT program

Mike Sales

Stakeholder Management: Mike will show designers how to balance the business and creative demands on any high profile digital project, producing a great user experience, increases engagement and delivering on the financial return.

Dave Stanton

Reactive Wireframing: I will describe a workflow for creating dynamic wireframes that incorporate persona-level nuances and leverage mock API services to validate data assumptions as well. These wireframes can be used for usability testing and can be easily modified at the persona level as testing uncovers usability problems.

Melissa Angle

(Fans 1st Media, Cox Media Group)
Everything I know in life I learned from design: Lessons learned along a journey from print to startup

Ignite, Group B

Thursday, April 20 at 3:30 pm
Details in the #SNDCLT program

Nuri Ducassi

(Toronto Star)
The Icebreaker Connection: How a Cuban-American designer brings sunshine infused punch and energy to the pages of the Toronto Star from her tropical South Florida base.

Andrew Merriam

Designers as the world’s most ambitious salespeople: What I’ve learned as a non-designer following designers for 2 years

Yuri Victor

(Vox Media)
Web design is dead.: The future of design is undergoing an evolution as audiences move away from websites to environments where designers have little control or capabilities such as Snapchat, Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles, or Accelerated Pages. This talk will discuss the death of websites and apps, embracing change, and what’s next for designers.

Ignite, Group C

Friday, April 21 at 1:30 pm
Details in the #SNDCLT program

Rob Bieling

Challenges in creating a browser based mapping tool for newsrooms: Need a map for your news design print or online? Mapcreator has created the cartographic tool Maps4News together with newsrooms from all over the world. Let’s have a quick look at aspects of cartography that are needed in a good tool.

Be sure to check out Map4News’ special SND Charlotte sample project: MAP: Food, drink and entertainment at SND CLT

Eli Zhang

(Tampa Bay Times)
Experiments in Lego Journalism

Tony Sullivan

How smarter maps can help build smarter communities.

Be sure to check out Wemap’s special SND Charlotte sample project: MAP: Wemap brings you the
Charlotte area geo-filtered news

Ignite, Group D

Friday, April 21 at 4:45 pm
Details in the #SNDCLT program

Rebekah Monson

Getting down to business: Ready to make the leap into entrepreneurship? Here’s a lot of stuff I wish I’d known before I cofounded a startup, and why more designers like you should get into business.

Ying Wu

(People’s Daily Media Innovation)
Mobile news design in China: Half of Chinese use smartphone to consume news. That is two times of the whole American population. China becomes the biggest mobile news production and consumption country in the world. In this talk, you will know how journalists in China do news design on mobile and how they integrate the latest technology for news storytelling to get the best user experience on Mobile.

Paul Volpe

The result of the 2016 presidential campaign was a surprise to many. How design helped us miss the rise of Trump — and how it can help us cover his presidency.