Yuri Victor, center, believes we need to build better tools that can enable and empower designers.
Yuri Victor, center, believes we need to build better tools that can enable and empower designers.


The Society for News Design is excited to announce that Yuri Victor is joining our lineup of speakers for the SND Charlotte workshop on April 19-21 in Charlotte, N.C.

Victor, who helped start Vox.com, has traveled around the world teaching journalists how to design and code. As a principle Designer and Developer for Vox Media, Victor has designed over 50 tools that help journalists tell stories visually. Before Vox.com, he worked as the Director of Product Development at The Washington Post. Like so many in our changing industry, Victor once designed for print at the Times of Northwest Indiana. He has received two Presidents Awards from The Society for his contributions to the design field.

SND.org editor Aviva Loeb caught up with him to discuss what he’s been up to, and his advice for print designers or designing for digital.

At SNDDC in 2015 you interviewed Ezra Klein and talked about starting Vox.com. What’s changed in your career since then? I was working directly on Vox.com trying to start our storytelling app, graphics tools, long form format etc. Now I work with all of the Vox Media Brands.

How did you transition from print design to digital? I was a designer and developer before I got into journalism, which I got into through being a reporter and editor for about 6-7 years. I kind of fell in love with design and the design process and how that can help organizations. At that time there was a big need for designers online as well as in print, and the systems in place at most organizations were not very good and maybe still aren’t today. I started using my past experience to change those systems and try to make them better and take some of the ideas and grandiose thinking that goes into each print edition and bring them to the web. Thinking about how we could tell better stories and design better processes.

What advice would you give print designers looking to develop digital skills as well? There are so many skill sets in print design that translate to online design as well. Typography, for example, is how we read — and that’s universal.

My advice would be for managers. I don’t think a lot of organizations utilize these skills that print designers have. At the Washington Post and other places they have taken these print designers and given them tools so that they can create a better online canvas.

If you look at most content management systems they look like a form. But if you look at InDesign, that’s a system that’s meant to create.

We need to, as organizations, we need to build better tools that can enable and empower designers. That can be really hard at an organization that doesn’t have that kind of thing. It takes time. If there are more tools every day that are allowing that then you have the power to execute a vision.

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