General competition: Here’s the final tally

The final day of The Best of Newspaper Design™ general competition has come to a close. The judges did not award a Best of Show. Four gold medals were awarded: two to the National Post, and one each to The New York Times Magazine and Expresso (Lisbon). The unofficial* top 10 winners by number of awards are the Los Angeles Times, the National Post (Toronto), The New York Times and its magazines, The St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, La Presse (Montreal), The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the Boston Globe, Zaman (Istanbul), The National (Abu Dhabi), and three newspapers tied for No. 10: The Buffalo (N.Y.) News, the Chicago Tribune, and Clarin (Buenos Aires).

World’s Best: It’s all over but the waiting

The die is cast. The thing is done. Sort of. The judge’s have made their final vote, edited the winning selections for The Best of Newspaper Design™ book, and crafted their explanatory statements about who won and why. So Monday afternoon (a holiday here in the U.S.) was spent traipsing around Syracuse University campus, shooting […]

WB: Inside the judging suite, a slideshow

The World’s Best-Designed judges are in their third day of review, deliberation and voting to arrive at the very best of the best. Judges Michael Keegan, Michael Crozier, Bobbie Roessner, Marco Grieco, and Mary Nesbitt are hard at work on determining what papers (if any) will be awarded the distinction of being a World’s Best-Designed […]

WB: The Joy of Six

When the judges arrived yesterday, 301 papers were in contention for SND30 World’s Best-Designed Newspaper bragging rights. By the end of the first round the field was reduced to just 45 papers. And now, only six remain. 1.9% of total entries in Category 1 will see the light of Round Three (a little something we […]

WB: The first cut is the deepest

The judges’ second day of review grinds on as the first round of the World’s Best-Designed category nears a close. The remaining papers have been whittled to just under 50. We’re eager to get some time with the judging team to hear more about what they’re seeing — and not seeing — in the 301 […]

SND30: Introducing your World’s Best judges

The five judges for The World’s Best-Designed Newspaper™ competition, also known as Category One, arrived safely in Syracuse after a couple of gnarly weather delays and rerouting — even though the weather in Syracuse itself was just fine, thank you. “It was nice here,” said C. Marshall Matlock, SND competition coordinator. The judges met this […]

One judge’s perspective: Chris Ross

Chris Ross, design editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune, has been a longtime facilitator here in Syracuse. This is her first year judging the competition, so the SND Web Desk asked her to keep a running diary. Monday, 9 p.m. Once back at the hotel, we regrouped for the annual trek down the block to […]

Late-breaking gold

In the last medal discussion of the day, the Features team awarded a gold to the National Post for an Avenue illustration. The doubletruck image, titled “Religious Extremists” was made up of 82,199 dots, each representing the Iraq Body Count organization’s estimate of Iraqi civilians who died at the hands of religious extremists.

Random Winners: Monday

We randomly pulled two awards from Category 12D, which is awarded for inside page design of Magazines. The first Award of Excellence went to La Nacion in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a story headlined “Tiempos violentos” (Violent times) The next award went to the Boston Globe in Boston, Massachusetts for a story headlined “The man […]

More gold

With just a few hundred entries to go, the Long Form team awarded their first gold. That makes three gold medals for the competition so far. The Portuguese newspaper Expresso was honored for the redesign of their magazine Única. The redesigned magazine is titled Revista Única. Expresso was one of last year’s World’s Best Designed […]

Meet the students

We talked to the students from Michigan State and Syracuse who are assisting with this year’s judging. Find out what they are interested in and their ambitions for the future — and how they see the Society helping them.

What happened to the Year of the Redesign?

SND30: The Long-form team from Society for News Design on Vimeo. The Long Form team spent a few hours judging the Overall Newspaper Redesign category (18A). It seemed to us at the SND International Web Desk that 2008 was the Year of the Redesign, what with papers around the globe being rethought and U.S. papers […]