Lessons from Malofiej21: Less gratuitous illustration, more information and ever increasing standards for excellence

In Pamplona, a picturesque city in northern Spain, a week of infographic intensity has been completed. 1,191 entries (from 154 organizations in 28 countries) have been scrutinized, hours of lectures attended, a great deal of food and wine has been consumed, and I made my annual run at the world gin and tonic record. You can see the full list of winners here. And see the golds here.

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Just before London, a look back at Beijing

China wowed the world with their performance at the 2008 Olympic opening ceremonies. Their newspapers matched that performance in their own way. Magnificent combinations of text, visuals and innovative formats were at work during the Beijing olympics as the papers kept pace with the action in the stadium. As part of the year long conversation, SND talked to 2 of the award-winning Chinese designers about their coverage of the Beijing Olympics.

Report from India: Inspiring great design, in print and online

The WAN-IFRA, SND news design conference in New Dehli this week brought together visuals leaders from around the world for the first workshop of its kind.

Featuring Javier Errea, of Errea Communications, Adonis Durado, of the Times of Oman, Tyson Evans, of the New York Times to name only a few. Here is a summary of the workshop.

More about news design in India here as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.

A mobile experience in China

Led by the indefatigable Lily Lu and sponsored by the Youth Times, SND held a workshop on “Gearing Up for the Mobile Age” in Hangzhou, China, this past weekend. Instructors Joey Marburger and Yuri Victor of the Washington Post taught 50-plus attendees in the three-day workshop. Every attendee left with the ability to create a mobile site. Every attendee also joined SND. This means the Society now boasts more than 100 members in the Middle Kingdom. I spoke with a few of the attendees about their experiences. Even when speaking through a translator it’s obvious we all share a universal design language.

SND 2011 Hangzhou Quick Course: Gearing up for the Mobile Age

The mobile age is now. As the number of devices, platforms and apps explode, it is imperative to gain an understanding of what it all means. And how to prepare for it. The emphasis of this course will be to focus on the variety of mobile experiences in the current world landscape and what is succeeding. By focusing on the immediate past, hidden present, and unknown future of mobile, this course cuts through the swirling information overload surrounding the mobile world. SND-Chinese will focus its next Quick Course on this Oct. 29-31, 2011 at Tianducheng Resort, Hangzhou.

Covering the earthquake

This design portfolio showcases pages following China’s Sichuan earthquake in May, 2008. Lily Lu, regional director of SND Chinese, collects 40 pages from 40 newspapers to illustrate the courageous design from the country’s visual journalists during a devastating moment. Looking at these pages, one can easily across the language barrier to feel the sadness which […]

Olympics workshop held in Shanghai

SND Chinese — Olympics training session, Shanghai from Society for News Design on Vimeo. By Gayle Grin SND President and Managing Editor, National Post SND Chinese, the Chinese-language chapter and newest SND affiliate, after forming mere months ago, wasted no time demonstrating their ambition and commitment to their region and their craft by hosting the […]