Donald Trump’s 100 days in office portrayed in cartoons

As a way of gauging if he met the ambitious goals he had set for the period, the Society for News Design and the Danish newspaper Politiken invited cartoonists from all over the world to create cartoons that addressed this question: “How did Donald Trump manage his first 100 days as president?”

A picture is worth 1,001 words

“Arabian Nights” (Arabic: كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة‎ Kitāb alf laylah wa-laylah), is a large collection of West and South Asian folk stories from the Islamic Golden Era (8th-13th centuries). Every evening, a beautiful bride called Scheherazade begins to tell a tale to her husband, the king, but does not end it in order to hold […]

Introducing the cover of the SND34 Best of News Design book

The masses – and by that I mean 1,125 of you – have spoken, and entry No. 24, designed by Osama Aljawish, will grace the cover of the 34th annual SND Best of News Design book. Congratulations to Mr. Aljawish and to all the artists who submitted such an incredible array of choices. Cover No. […]

First Middle East News Design Conference this fall!

The Society for News Design is honored to announce our first Middle East News Design Conference, which boasts an impressive roster of speakers and topics, all set in the gorgeous and vibrant cosmopolitan seaport of Beirut, the Pearl of the Middle East.

This two-day event starts Nov. 8. It is co-sponsored by the Lebanon’s leading daily newspaper, An-Nahar.

The website for the conference is in both English and Arabic.

Honoring creativity that sells papers in Middle East

Next week in the United Arab Emirates, the Best of News Design exhibition will open at The American University of Sharjah in the College of Architecture, Art and Design gallery. The exhibit will feature award-winning work from the MENA region, including The Gulf News, The National, Al Bayan, and Times of Oman. In advance of the exhibit Region 20 SND director Douglas Okasaki talks with industry leaders about the past, present and future roles design has played in the region’s papers.

Supercharged design in the UAE

The Grand Finale of the 2010 Formula One Season took place in Abu Dhabi this month, putting an exclamation point on an exciting season of racing that spanned the globe.

Yes, there were the cars, the personalities and the scene, but there was also an abundance of high octane design, illustration and infographics at the major UAE publications.
Follow the link for a sampling of some of the impressive work from The National, Gulf News and Al Bayan.