SNDHK2018 will be the first international infographics event to take place in Hong Kong.

SND Region 19 — Asia, South-Pacific is delighted to announce the SND Hong Kong Infographic Summit on April 13-15, 2018. Infographics are an important tool for innovative storytelling and crucial for attracting young readers.

Donald Trump’s 100 days in office portrayed in cartoons

As a way of gauging if he met the ambitious goals he had set for the period, the Society for News Design and the Danish newspaper Politiken invited cartoonists from all over the world to create cartoons that addressed this question: “How did Donald Trump manage his first 100 days as president?”

WAN-IFRA and SND to host 2nd biennial “News Design Conference” in India

WAN-IFRA and SND are happy to announce the 2nd biennial News Design Conference in South Asia. Good things are often worth repeating. Such is the case for the South Asia News Design Conference, co-presented by SND and WAN-IFRA. The 2012 conference in New Delhi was such a hit that we’re bringing it back, this time […]

Help news designers in India enter the SND competition

SND’s Best of News Design is the leading competition of its kind in the world and we are heading into our 34th year. Each year in Syracuse, NY, there is a dizzying array of work from all over the world. Inspirational coverage of important local stories, stunning features, eye-catching photos and awe-inducing graphics. Broadsheet, tabloid, magazine.

There are some places in the world, however, that it’s a little more difficult to enter the competition.

Take India for instance. The news is a thriving part of the cultural landscape with thousands of titles. For a news designer to enter SND’s competition, though, is far above what that person earns at their job. SND would like to help so we are trying an experiment.

SND India’s region director, T.K. Sajeev Kumar has reached out to news designers across India to submit their best work to him. A small group of judges will review that work and nominate for entry into SND’s competition. Meanwhile, we are using the crowdsourcing site Razoo, a site for non-profits to raise money, to help these designers put their work up against the best in the world.

If you’d like to help, here’s how. Outreach to different parts of the world has always been one of SND’s core principles. We have region directors from all over the world.


Print entry deadlines: U.S. submissions, Jan. 16, 2013; international submissions, Jan. 23, 2013.

Digital entry deadlines: 12 a.m. EST., Jan. 16, 2013

Digital competition categories: More on the changes to this year’s competition, categories and rules

Digital entry form: Register first and then click on “submit entries.”

What sites are the World’s Best Designed? We’re looking for your ideas for the World’s Best Designed websites and mobile apps. A group of judges will go over all submissions and ideas in February, but first we’d like to hear from you. Send us your ideas.

Print competition Call for Entries: Instructions, categories and forms English and Spanish

Where cricket is king: How one paper from India covered the Olympics

The New Indian Express, covered the 2006 Beijing Olympics from all aspects.

Surprising design packages were highlights throughout the Games. And it was the paper’s design editor at the time Deepak Harichandan (now design editor at Times of India).

What was the secret of success of New Indian Express during the 2008 Summer Games? “It’s sheer planning and hard work,” Deepak said. “We approached the big event from the out-of-the-box. And it had paid well.”

Deepak reflects on his paper’s Olympic preparations as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation and discussion about Olympic news design.

More design tips for the Olympics.

Introducing SND India — where everyone loves to read

Jan. 23 in New Dehli a group of visual journalism leaders will come together for a first-of-its kind workshop, focusing on best practices in print and online. The workshop brought together by SND and WAN-IFRA also marks the launch of SND India welcoming an important part of the world into the SND community.

What is news design like in India? It’s a land of tens of thousands of newspapers and magazines and readers who love to read. So much so that pages are more likely to feature long stories than large photographs or infographics.

Much more on the jump from this dispatch from India, part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.

First Asia Pacific news design conference for print & online

WAN-IFRA and the Society for News Design (SND) will join together to present a conference Jan. 23, 2012 in New Delhi, India to show the participants the “best practices” in creativity, originality and the efficiency in producing news for all platforms.

In this workshop, the participants will analyze their product and will have the opportunity to work on the design under the guidance of the trainer. The workshop will give the participants a critique on their

  • Typography
  • Visual storytelling
  • Use of color
  • Newspaper and story structuring
  • Sajeev Kumar T.K. named Region 19 director (Asia and South Pacific)

    Sajeev Kumar T.K, Visual Editor of Kerala Kaumudi based in Kerala, India, has been named Society for News Design regional director for Asia and South Pacific. TKsajeev runs a very popular website about design in India.

    TKsajeev says, “I am excited about working for SND, and assure you my sincere effort towards promoting SND and its activities in Region 19.”