Donald Trump’s 100 days in office portrayed in cartoons

As a way of gauging if he met the ambitious goals he had set for the period, the Society for News Design and the Danish newspaper Politiken invited cartoonists from all over the world to create cartoons that addressed this question: “How did Donald Trump manage his first 100 days as president?”

Meet SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners for 2012: Deb Withey and Roger Black

At the awards gathering at SND’s workshop in Cleveland this fall SND presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger Black and Deb Withey. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest individual honor the Society can bestow and only 19 have received the it.

Roger’s vision and leadership has set the standard for newspaper and magazine design. His work with type and digital platforms has lead the way far out ahead of the rest of the industry. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Deb’s sense of community and gift for teaching transformed newsrooms of all sizes and her ability to use the tools of design to capture a place transformed communities. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Lifetime Achievement Award, Deb Withey: Inspirational voice for storytelling, communities

The recipients of SND’s Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2012 are Roger Black and Deborah Withey. The awards were presented at SND’s annual workshop and exhibition in Cleveland this fall. Before Black and Withey, only 19 have received the honor.

The view from London: Three days before the Games, city and its newsrooms are abuzz

This week, we Brits are waiting for our third and final injection of happiness. Two days after Bradley Wiggins became the first Briton to win the Tour de France, the sun is finally shining and the capital is hot. With 3 days to go, most Londoners are now giddy. Although in most newsrooms across the city, designers, developers and the odd director are now going gaga.

Check out for more coverage of the London Games.

Best field trip ever: The story of Ball State students headed to London to cover the Games

In about 45 days, students from the journalism and telecommunications departments at Ball State University will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cover the Olympic Games in London. The immersive-learning experience will allow those who have excelled in the classroom and in student media a chance to showcase their skills on a world stage.

Ryan Sparrow, instructor of journalism at Ball State and Best of Digital Design competition coordinator for the Society for News Design, will be leading the program, BSU at the Games.

• Slideshow of award-winning Olympic pages.
• Michael Agar on the view from London

Bigger, stronger, faster: 32 years of SND award-winning Olympics design

Few events are guaranteed to bring out the best in visual journalism the way the Summer Olympics do. They are intrinsically visual, relatively predictable for planning purposes (the dates are set, swimming the first week, track the second), and offer dramatic storylines and personality pieces that make for great page design, infographics, photography and digital design.

With that in mind, it’s instructive to take a look back at some of the Best of News Design pages from Olympics past. The SND Best of News Design competition was launched in an Olympic year, 1980, and every fourth annual edition chronicles the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as presented in newspapers around the globe.

• From now until the London Games begin July 27, SND will feature a number of essays, tips and resources as part of our Year-Long Conversation about design.

• How London papers are covering the build-up to the Games by Region 15 director Michael Agar

SND Update: New appointments for SND digital, United Kingdom, executive committee

The Society for News Design is pleased to announce a series of new appoints and shifts on the board. SND’s board is made up of a little more than 20 volunteers who help shape what SND does around the world. Some of these volunteers are responsible for networking in geographic areas, others for subject matters like our workshops and competitions.

Michael Agar will become SND’s Region 15 director, Miranda Mulligan will become SND’s digital publications director and Tyson Evans will join SND’s executive board as an at-large appointment.

City of Light shines!

President’s Report: The first combined workshop from SND and IFRA, which just concluded in Paris, was an amazingly rich event. The conversation focused on a familiar topic – the integration of print and online design – but the answers participants worked toward were anything but ordinary. The diverse audience aimed to push toward solutions that […]