Donald Trump’s 100 days in office portrayed in cartoons

As a way of gauging if he met the ambitious goals he had set for the period, the Society for News Design and the Danish newspaper Politiken invited cartoonists from all over the world to create cartoons that addressed this question: “How did Donald Trump manage his first 100 days as president?”

Join us in Mexico City, Sept. 24 to 26, for the World Summit on Media Design: La Cumbre Mundial de Diseño en Prensa

This September, in beautiful Mexico City, a top-notch group of leaders of visual design will gather for La Cumbre Mundial de Diseño en Prensa, the World Summit on Media Design. This is the second time the Cumbra has been held in Mexico and SND is honored to be a part of it.

The Cumbre, a collaboration between Excelsior, Grupo Imagen, El Universal, Sintesis, El Economista, Arroyo, Grupo Expansion, Siempre!, Secretaria de Turismo Ciudad de Mexico, Istmo, and Universidad Panamericana will be held in Mexico for the second year.

The event will be held Sept. 24, 25 and 26 at the Universidad Panamericana. SND members can register here.

Behind the World’s Best Designed: Excelsior

According Alexandro Medrano, at Excelsior, a designer or artist’s average day isn’t very different than it would be while working at other newspapers when it comes to executing pages. They gather content and chase down visual opportunities. The difference lies in the philosophy.

That philosophy, according to Medrano — “Those of us who do things differently are those who make a trend.” — dictates everything they do, whether part of the newspaper, TV or Internet. Read more about Excelsior after the jump.

This is the last of this week’s features with the visual leaders at SND33’s World’s Best Designed publications, five newspapers and a website, as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.

Read about the other World’s Best designed papers and website:

• Soren Nyland talks about how Politiken maintains its unique voice.

• Creativity and teamwork at The National Post, with managing editor Gayle Grin.

• Go behind the scenes at The Grid, with creative director Vanessa Wyse.

• Read an interview with Peter Breul, art director of Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

• Read an interview with’s Miranda Mulligan, 2011 World’s Best Designed website. Read more here.

Santiago, Lo Valvo named directors of Regions 11 and 12

Nos gustaría anunciar el nombramiento de dos nuevos directores regionales de la SND. Ambos son dos profesionales de exito y reconocido talento, bien conocidos en nuestra industria. Ademas, también resultan ser magnificas personas. Estamos animados por el entusiasmo y ambición de sus regiones y su arte. Con estas adiciones a la junta de la SND, estamos seguros de ver grandes logros en la SND en América Latina!