Behind the scenes designing WaPo’s ‘The Prophets of Oak Ridge’

In the dead of night, three peace activists broke into and shut down a nuclear weapons site to challenge the billions of dollars still spent on mankind’s most dangerous creation: The bomb. A chain reaction followed. The Prophets of Oak Ridge, a 10,000 word narrative by Dan Zak, is the latest long form, immersive storytelling experience by The Washington Post.

Meet SND’s 2012 World’s Best news sites and apps: SB Nation, and the Guardian and Observer iPad app

The Society for News Design is thrilled to announce the 2012 World’s Best Designed news sites and apps: SB Nation, and the Guardian and Observer iPad apps.

The baselines for digital news design are changing and becoming more mature. Over the past year responsive design and custom typography became expectations instead of an experimental exceptions. Touch compatibility is essential; Flash is prohibited. There’s a reductionist movement to confidently display hierarchy while tastefully integrating smart customization and social.

SND Update: New appointments for SND digital, United Kingdom, executive committee

The Society for News Design is pleased to announce a series of new appoints and shifts on the board. SND’s board is made up of a little more than 20 volunteers who help shape what SND does around the world. Some of these volunteers are responsible for networking in geographic areas, others for subject matters like our workshops and competitions.

Michael Agar will become SND’s Region 15 director, Miranda Mulligan will become SND’s digital publications director and Tyson Evans will join SND’s executive board as an at-large appointment.