SND35 World’s Best: The Guardian

The judges wrote: The Guardian’s design is reassuring in its consistency and clarity, as it delivers a robust daily package of news supported by a clear and distinctive architecture that ranges from large attention-grabbing promos to something as small as body text. Long a standard-bearer for news design, The Guardian is among the most studied […]

SND35 World’s Best: Dagens Nyheter

The judges wrote: A newspaper that’s designed like a magazine, Sweden’s largest morning daily delivers a no-nonsense news report whose strength stems from strong, boldly cropped photos. The design uses white space efficiently to present a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. The front page does not lose its impact, even while still offering […]

SND35: Monday afternoon update, we are in the final stretch!

Good afternoon from Syracuse, where are finishing up the 35th Best in News Design™ competition (although the World’s Best judges stick around until Tuesday.) We have passed the 1,000 award threshold as we finish up the judging. The judges are in their final categories and will soon be moving toward discussing the potential candidates for […]

SND35: Monday morning update, it’s the final day of the competition

Good sunny morning from Syracuse, where we have begun our final day for the 35th Best in News Design™ competition (although the World’s Best judges stick around until Tuesday.) The judges have given over 900 awards and the International Web Desk is hard at work trying to show you selected A of E’s, and all of Silver and Gold Medals and JSRs.

SND35: World’s Best-Designed™ judges make first cut, 29 newspapers remain

The World’s Best Designed judges were hard at work on Saturday looking over all of the 192 Category 1 entries. And late last night, they made it through their first cut. What remains are 29 papers as judges have extensive discussions today. In this group of 29, judges will eventually select the few publications worthy […]

SND34 World’s Best: Politiken

Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark The judges wrote: After being named a World’s Best-Designed™ Newspaper winner last year, it would be very easy for any publication to become complacent or stale, but Politiken has managed to elevate its great work, and indeed, build on it. Politiken’s efforts have become a defined classic in the industry, but the designers […]

SND34 World’s Best: Dagens Nyheter

Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, Sweden The judges wrote: Dagens Nyheter is all about mixture. Topics range from serious to entertaining, with stories told in short and long forms. Looking closer, one can find variation in several more aspects. The makers of Dagens Nyheter have mastered a range of tools such as conceptual illustration, graphics and all kinds […]

Can’t make it to the free Syracuse Student Symposium Feb. 8? Oh, yes, you can!

We’re streaming live from the Syracuse Student Symposium! Streaming starts Friday, Feb. 8 at 1 p.m. EST, and runs until 5 p.m. Watch it here: We have an excellent lineup of speakers and topics for the annual student workshop, and it’s all available live from Room 141, Newhouse 3, in the S.I. Newhouse School of […]