Q+A with Thomas Molén — Malofiej’s Best of Show winner

Thomas Molén, a visual journalist for Svenska Dagbladet (Stockholm), is a self-proclaimed “visual junkie” and “infographics nerd.” He’s also an award-winner. His online graphic showing voting patterns in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest won the Peter Sullivan/Best of Show award in this year’s Malofiej competition. We interview him and take a look at his amazing work.

Infographics report from the Jumping Jester

SND information graphics commentator and world-renowned graphics guru John Grimwade, takes us behind-the-scenes at the recent Malofiej 18. Perhaps the best place to test the pulse of world infographics is in The Jumping Jester, the unofficial Malofiej headquarters. It’s an Irish-themed bar directly opposite the main conference hotel. John went there to see what everyone was buzzing about after the conference.