The world's best restaurant in Copenhagen

Dishing on World’s Best: What does it really mean

Just the other night, NOMA, of Copenhagen, was selected the World’s Best Restaurant. The year before, Noma finished third in the same competition but now I can comfort myself with the knowledge that if I wish to taste the best food in the world, the only thing I’ll need is a metro ticket plus a lot of patience and a month’s salary …

Reaching the level of “World’s Best,” for a restaurant or a newspaper, must take years and lots of hard work, and once you are there, you do not just lose all those qualities in twelve months. How come the Society’s competition doesn’t seem to work this way?

Three judged SND World’s Best-Designed™

Starting with 240 entries, five judges worked through a very long weekend at Syracuse University to arrive at the 2010 SND World’s Best-Designed™. They arrived at three winners: der Freitag (Berlin), Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, and The New York Times, honoring work that appeared in those newspapers in 2009. The judges describe what they saw and explain their selections.

World’s Best™ field narrowed to 24 semi-finalists

UPDATE: The WB judges worked their way through the last of 240 entries in round one late Saturday. Twenty-four entries (newspapers) survived to round two. Judges spent the early part of Sunday reviewing all 24 entries again for round two before settling on their final choices for World’s Best. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners early this week.

Meet your judges for this year’s World’s Best-Designed™

Judging of the World’s Best-Designed™ newspaper segment of the Best of News Design™ has begun in Syracuse, N.Y. The judges for the other parts of the competition have made their way home (see our previous coverage here). We now have five new judges, all with fresh eyes, ready to review the 240 entries vying for the rarified air of greatness in the newspaper biz known as World’s Best. Click here for a video stream.

And the judges are …

J. Bruce Baumann
Dennis Brack
Miguel Gomez
Lily Lu
Margaret O’Connor

Results: An initial (and unofficial) tally of SND31

Here now, without further delay, are the unofficial totals from the main competition (the official results will come later — after the World’s Best-Designed™ competition happens and the database of winners can be verified). Check out the top 10 winners, the medal count, and see what comes next…

Top 10 winners*

(From the general competition — categories 2-19 — based on unofficial, early results)

1. Los Angeles Times
2. National Post (Toronto, Canada)
3. The National (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
4. New York Times + New York Times Magazine
5. Gulf News (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
6. St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times*
6. Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer*
7. La Presse (Montreal, Quebec)
8. Washington Post
9. Virginian Pilot
10. The Denver Post

*St. Petersburg Times and Cleveland Plain Dealer were tied with the same number of total winners.

Karaoke: Crutchmer did it his way, SNDF raised record funds

SND31 Karaoke Night was inspirational. It was raucous. And it was über-successful. SND Foundation president and karaoke sensation Denise Reagan led the Syracuse crowd — and numerous remote Web donors — to raise a record $3,119.25 toward educational activities. One of the many highlights was an original performance by Josh Crutchmer. It was an instant classic (and it raised hundreds of dollars for the Foundation).