What students are taking away (with VIDEO)

Student volunteers from Syracuse and Ball State are on hand, laying down pages and then scooping them up, finding inspiration on every table and listening in on judges’ conversations about what works and what doesn’t. “It’s such an incredible experience, just to be here, to hear what the judges are saying, to see it all from a different perspective,” said Chelsea Kardokus, a Ball State freshman. Off to the side, with pages that are already finished with the process, the students are making piles of pages that inspired them. Some interviews and a quick gallery…

GOLD: 60th anniversary of China in 60 panels of illustration

We’re deep into Day Two of the 31st Best of News Design™ Competition. The original judging teams have worked through their primary assignments and have now been recombined to create a new graphics team. The new magazine categories are getting their first close look on the judging tables (also known as the killing fields) and […]

Judging brings new perspective for Chicago Tribune editor

Chuck Burke has been taping up his SND entries and studying the annuals for more than 10 years, but this is his first time in Syracuse at the competition. “I just want to say to all of my friends and acquaintances who have judged before: Thanks, scumbags, for leaving me in the dark about these five particular things, which would have been nice to be told in advance. Not that I would have necessarily believed you anyway…”

Day One: The easy part is done

We’ve seen a few winners, we’ve seen many more cast aside and we’ve even managed to witness a couple of gold medal winners in the first day of the competition. What does that forecast for Day Two? While the judges managed to make it through 6,000 of the 10,000+ entries in day one, Day Two always bleeds into Day Three as longer form categories dominate the tables. SND Foundation President Denise Reagan has all the key info in the first ever mobile SND Web Desk update. Enjoy.

More Best of News Design™ questions answered as judging days get closer

On the eve of SND’s 31st Annual Best of News Design™ judging, we check in with edition coordinator Mike Rice on the status of the competition and his hopes for the long weekend ahead. The general competition judging starts Saturday at Syracuse University.

World’s Best-Designed Newspaper™ judging occurs the following weekend, with a different set of judges.

SNDVegas: The annual awards gala is a wrap

Magician? Check. A dancing medley of 30 years of SND workshops? Check. Robin Leach, champagne wishes and caviar dreams? Check, check, check. SND celebrated the best in newspaper design, multimedia and years of service to the Society and the industry at its annual awards dinner Monday night. Four newspapers were honored as the World’s Best-Designed […]