Unveiling the 36th edition covers

Congratulations and a big thank you to Ismael and Karen Sandiego, and Adonis Durado and Winie Ariany, whose submissions have been chosen as the cover designs for the 36th Edition Best of News Design book, to be published and sent to members this fall. Ismael and Karen designed the newspaper-quilt cover at left, which will […]

Introducing the cover of the SND34 Best of News Design book

The masses – and by that I mean 1,125 of you – have spoken, and entry No. 24, designed by Osama Aljawish, will grace the cover of the 34th annual SND Best of News Design book. Congratulations to Mr. Aljawish and to all the artists who submitted such an incredible array of choices. Cover No. […]

It’s down to 5 finalists: Vote on the cover of SND’s next Best of News Design book

We started with dozens of great covers, submitted from all over the world. A big thanks to all of the contributors for their striking, thoughtful and inventive concepts. Congratulations to our five finalists. And kudos to all of you for hundreds of votes and comments. Thanks to everyone for your participation.

These top five vote-getters represent your finalists for the cover of the 34rd edition of the SND awards book.

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You decide the book cover: Annual SND Best of News Design cover design contest

Update: Voting is now closed

We received hundreds of votes over the past two weeks, and we’ll be announcing the finalists soon. Thank you to everyone who submitted cover possibilities, it is an amazing gallery of work, and variety of solutions, that you have presented us. We’ll leave the gallery up for now, stay tuned for the next round!

Ryan Sparrow appointed director for Digital Competition

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re appointing a director for SND’s revamped Best of Digital Design Competition (formerly the Best of Multimedia Competition). Ryan Sparrow, an instructor at Ball State, will be leading a great team of organizers and contributors who are helping us evolve the competition to reflect the quickly changing news design […]

The judging process

After a year-long submission period, during which the quarterly winners were determined, the nine judges at the annual Best of Multimedia Design competition are looking for the best of the best. This weekend, they are evaluating professional breaking and non-breaking news presentations, as well as student presentations, to find the best journalistic new media design. […]

Wide-ranging category Non-Breaking Features finalized

Thirteen multimedia packages were judged as finalists in the 2009 Best of Multimedia Design competition in the category Non-Breaking Features. The finalists: Common Ground from mediastorm.org Cambio Climático from eitb.com Brewed in Nashville from tennessean.com Sacred Ground: The Building of the Pentagon Memorial from washingtonpost.com Intended Consequences from mediastorm.org Please Touch Museum from philly.com Pogue-O-Matic […]

Meet your SND judges

SND’s the Best of Multimedia Design competition uses the volunteered services of nine judges from top multimedia design backgrounds. With a goal of honoring high-quality journalistic multimedia design, the judges work through the year to evaluate entries, providing confidential feedback to each entrant. Today they complete the evaluations of more than 170 quarterly project winners […]