Best of Digital: Silver to Seattle Times for leading a discussion on race

The Seattle Times has won Silver for a holding a community conversation on issues of race, policing and equality. Category: Features: Single-subject project Title: Under our skin: Talk about race Link: Comments: “You have the video — but you have a way to curate through the tags the kind of video. Instead of curating […]

Best of Digital: Silver to New York Times for Philippines photo story

The New York Times won Silver for a photojournalist’s look at the brutal antidrug campaign in the Philippines. Category: Features: Single-subject project Title: “They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals” Link: Comments: “For one, it’s great that they pull in Google Maps. I was kind of surprised by that choice — because they do so […]

Best of Digital: Silver to the N.Y.T. Magazine its New York Issue

The New York Times Magazine earned Silver for its New York Issue, an exploration of a city constantly on the rise. Category: Features: Single-subject project Title: The New York Issue Link: Comments: “The way that they parsed out a single-topic issue was interesting. The mobile presentation is really thoughtful. The collection of current and […]

Best of Digital: Silver to National Geographic for a Bears-Eye View

National Geographic has won Silver for offering a bear-eye view at Yellowstone. Category: Features: Single-subject project Title: A bear’s-eye view Link: Comments: “What sets this piece apart from being just a graphics entry is its entry point to the story. It’s really consistent in style and links together many media types in a way […]

Best of Digital: Silver to Wall Street Journal for ‘Hamilton’

The Wall Street Journal has won Silver for its musical algorithm breaking down the score from “Hamilton.” Category: Graphics: Features and planned coverage Title: Hamilton Link: Comments: “Visualizing sound is tricky but they did it “enormously well.” It’s current, fun, both think-y and quirky. Often audio is ‘listen to audio as you look at […]

Best of Digital: Silver to NYT for The Two Americas

The New York Times has won Silver for its mapping of the 2016 Election. Category: Graphics: Features and planned coverage Title: The Two Americas of 2016 Link: Comments: “It’s a creative way of doing the thing everyone was talking about. It was a form unseen before in order to make information more clear. There […]

Best of Digital: Silver to Berliner Morgenpost for marathon

Berliner Morgenpost has won Silver for its innovative coverage of the Berlin marathon. Category: Breaking/Daily News: Planned coverage Title: Berlin city marathon 2016 Link: Comments: “The simplicity of the graphic’s execution is its hallmark. It would have been easy to go over the top with annotation and explanation. The graphic was dialed in and […]

Best of Digital: First Silver medal announced

Jurors have awarded The New York Times the first Silver medal of the SND Best of Digital Design competition for 2017. Judging of more than 1,000 entries began this morning and will continue through tomorrow. Category: Breaking/Daily News: Single-subject project Title: A Trail of Terror in Nice, Block by Block Link: Comments: “A creative […]

Judging Begins in Best of Digital Competition, 2016 Edition

The Best of Digital Competition judging is underway at the Medill News Service facility in Washington, D.C. Judges began the morning with brief introductions and a review of rules. From there, judges broke into teams and began to work. More than 1,000 entries were received for this year’s competition, the largest volume of entries to date. Follow along […]

There’s still time! Enter the Best of Digital Design

To Enter: The new deadline is Friday, January 27, 2017, 11:59 EST. Judging: Will take place February 24-26. Follow along: We’ll be using the hashtag #SNDDigital Past Winners: The Society for News Design is pleased to announce its 15th annual Best of Digital Design competition. The official entry site is now receiving entries. […]

Building a system and a style guide at The Marshall Project

Winning SND’s World’s Best™ is no easy task and according to this year’s judges, “The Marshall Project has nailed every. Single. Thing.” That’s high praise. And consider this — The Marshall Project, a non-profit news organization, launched less than two years ago in late 2014. The design/product team of managing editor Gabriel Dance, director of […]