Portfolio winners

Individual Portfolio recognition has been awarded 42 times since 2010. Winners are listed in alphabetical order. The category calls for 3-8 pieces per submission. Links are provided to one of the winning pieces.
* Silver medal winner. ** Gold medal winner.


Matthew Callahan, The Washington Post
Jonathan Corum, The New York Times
Elaina Natario, Boston Globe
Rodrigo De Benito Sanz, The New York Times


Gregor Aisch, The New York Times
Jeremy Ashkenas, The New York Times
Jon Keegan at The Wall Street Journal
Josh Keller, The New York Times
Ritchie King, FiveThirtyEight
* Wes Lindamood, NPR
Chris Manza, The Globe and Mail
Yue Qiu, The Center for Public Integrity
* Andy Rossback, The Marshall Project
Sarah Squire, The Wall Street Journal
* Derek Watkins, The New York Times


Wilson Andrews, The New York Times
Jeremy Ashkenas, The New York Times
* Amanda Cox, The New York Times
** Danny DeBelius, NPR
Alicia DeSantis, The New York Times
Lena Groeger, ProPublica
John Hancock, Dallas Morning News
Josh Laincz, Vox
Chris Manza, The Globe and Mail
Lily Mihalik, Los Angeles Times
Jacky Myint, The New York Times
Mark Stehle, The Age (Australia)
Sisi Wei, ProPublica


David Alameda, El Mundo (Spain)
Alvin Chang, The Boston Globe
Chiqui Esteban, The Boston Globe
Adrienne Hapanowicz, AZ Today
Aly Morris, Chicago Tribune
Lena Groeger, ProPublica
Al Shaw, ProPublica


Wilson Andrews, The Washington Post
Alvin Chang, The Boston Globe
Lena Groeger, ProPublica
Monica Ulmanu, The Boston Globe
Sisi Wei, The Washington Post


Chiqui Esteban, La Informacion (Spain)
* Tom Giratikanon, The Boston Globe