2016: Information graphics [Planned]
From La Nacion's project, "Memoria Robada," concerning stolen pre-Columbian objects in Costa Rica.
From La Nacion’s project, “Memoria Robada,” concerning stolen pre-Columbian objects in Costa Rica.

1. La Nacion (Costa Rica), Memoria Robada (Stolen Memory)
2. The New York Times, The Two Americas of 2016
3. National Geographic, Rewind the Red Planet
4. Wall Street Journal, How Does Hamilton Blur Musical Lines?

Award of Excellence

5. The New York Times, The 307 People, Places and Things Donald Trump has Insulted
6. The New York Times, Live Presidential Forecast
7. The New York Times, Trump Vows Immigration Ban
8. The New York Times, How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths …
9. The New York Times, Duck Dynasty vs. Modern Family
10. The New York Times, How Much Warmer Was Your City in 2015
11. The New York Times, How Far is Europe Swinging to the Right?
12. The New York Times, A Bullet Could Hit Me and My Kids Anytime
13. The New York Times, The Keith Scott Shooting
14. The New York Times, ISIS Has Lost
15. The New York Times, How Republicans Can Repeal Obamacare
16. The New York Times, Decisive Moments at the Rio Olympics
17. The New York Times, ISIS in America
18. Texas Tribune, Unholstered
19. NPR, Why America’s Schools Have a Money Problem
20. The Washington Post, 1,000 Times Gold
21. The Washington Post, Watch from the Air
22. The Washington Post, Sizing the Olympics
23. The Washington Post, Election Poll Caster
24. The Washington Post, Inside the Echo Chamber
25. The Washington Post, A Visual History of Donald Trump Dominating the News Cycle
26. The Washington Post, How Trump’s Charts Skew the Data
27. La Nacion (Argentina), World Cup 1986
28. ProPublica, Lost Cause
29. The Washington Post, Editing the Candidates’ Wikipedia Pages
30. The Washington Post, 2016 Election Fact Checker
31. The Washington Post, What Republicans and Democrats Disagree On
32. The Guardian, Who Supports Donald Trump
33. The Washington Post, Hate Our Election System?
34. The Washington Post, 127 Counties That Could Point to the Winner
35. The Washington Post, How to Vote
36. The Washington Post, The Electoral College Misrepresents Every State
37. The Washington Post, The Increasingly Diverse U.S.A.
38. The Washington Post, Six maps that Show America’s Infrastructure
39. The Washington Post, 100 Years of Hurricanes Hitting and Missing Florida
40. The Washington Post, How Terrorism in the West Compares
41. The Washington Post, State of the Union: Obama’s Greatest Hits
42. The Washington Post, Legendary? Lousy? Teams in the NFL Draft
43. Reuters, Crude Congestion
44. Reuters, A Closer Look at Calais
45. Reuters, MH370: The World’s Largest Search
46. Los Angeles Times, Who Are L.A. County’s Homeless?
47. Bloomberg, Why Voters Will Stay Angry
48. The Guardian, U.S.-led Airstrikes Against ISIS
49. The Guardian, Brexit: EU Referendum
50. Zeit Online, Eine Nation Pendelt (Commuting Nation)
51. National Geographic, A Vanishing Aquifer
52. National Geographic, Hiking the Grand Canyon
53. National Geographic, Yellowstone: America’s Wild Idea
54. Bloomberg, Who Marries CEOs, Doctors, Chefs and Janitors
55. Baltimore Sun, Shocking Force
56. Los Angeles Times, Clayton Kershaw, Pitch by Pitch
57. Los Angeles Times, Did Your Neighborhood Vote to Elect Donald Trump?
58. Financial Times, A Visual History of Women’s Tennis
59. South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s Aging Population
60. South China Morning Post, Bolts From the Blue
61. O Globo, My Medal: Perfect Gear