2016: Features [Single-subject project]

1. The New York Times, Simone Biles: The Fine Line
2. Wall Street Journal, Blue Feed, Red Feed


3. The New York Times Magazine, The New York Issue
4. The New York Times, ‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’
5. Seattle Times, Under Our Skin: Talk About Race
6. The Washington Post, Poems in Motion
7. The Washington Post, A Marine’s Convictions
8. National Geographic, A Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone
9. Boston Globe, Arresting Words

Award of Excellence

10. The New York Times, Stampede at The Hajj
11. The New York Times, This is Your Life, Brought to You by Private Equity
12. The New York Times Magazine, 25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music is Going
13. The New York Times, Penn Station Reborn
14. The New York Times, What I Saw in Syria
15. USA Today, Finding Home: A Syrian Family Starts Over
16. NPR, Silent Epidemic: Children With Mental Health Issues
17. Metrópoles, Call Me When You Get There
18. Seattle Times, Seattle’s Sound Transit 3 Proposal
19. The New York Times, A Weekend in Chicago
20. Tampa Bay Times, Walmart: Thousands of Police Calls. You Paid the Bill
21. The Washington Post, Democrats: You Had the Worst Year
22. The Intercept, Happy Sunday, Welcome to Rikers
23. Tampa Bay Times, Fixing Tampa’s Main Bridge, in Legos
24. The New York Times, I, Too, Sing America
25. Toronto Star, Coffee Shops
26. The New York Times, Tools of Modern Terror
27. Publico, Quem é quem nesta Adoração (Who is In This Worship?)
28. Boston Globe, Preparing the Pot: A Guide to Question 4
29. ProPublica, Guatemala Gun Fight
30. ProPublica, Who Trump is Putting in Power
31. The Washington Post, The Top 100 Players in the NBA
32. The Washington Post, The Debate: You’re the Moderator
33. The Washington Post, A Peek at The Mall’s Latest Addition
34. ThePaper (China), How to be good
35. The Globe and Mail, Graffiti Kids Who Sparked the Syrian War
36. The Globe and Mail, Remembering 31 Veterans Lost to Suicide
37. Chicago Reporter, Settling for Misconduct
38. National Geographic, Rewind the Red Planet
39. Boston Globe, Gun Violence: Make it Stop
40. South China Morning Post, The Global Rule of Law
41. Wall Street Journal, Hamilton
42. O Globo, A Sequence of Wrong Choices
43. O Globo, The Mania of Joachim Low
44. ProPublica, Boomtown, Flood Town
45. ProPublica, Houston: Hell and High Water
46. Boston Globe, Welcome to the Airport of the Future
47. The Washington Post, 20 Election Day Distractions
48. La Nacion, The Raids on Baez in Santa Cruz
49. The Guardian, Because Scott Walker Asked
50. The Washington Post, The Heart of the Zika Outbreak
51. Helsingin Sanomat, How is Your Life Going Compared to Others
52. The Washington Post, The Cobalt Pipeline
53. The Washington Post, America’s Greatest Housing Divide
54. The Washington Post, What Are You Hungry For?
55. The Washington Post, Obama: A Virtual Museum of His Legacy
56. The Washington Post, When Run-DMC Met Aerosmith
57. The Washington Post, 20 Election Day Distractions
58. The Washington Post, The Waypoint: A Journey Through Lesbos
59. ZH (Zero Hora), Manga Colorado
60. ZH (Zero Hora), Discover Your Candidate
61. The Guardian, John le Carre: Tinkor, Tailor, Writer, Spy
62. The Guardian, The Dark Side of Guardian Comments
63. Boston Globe, Iron Will: Hiking the Appalachian Trail
64. Estadão, Reefs at Risk
65. Estadão, The Future of Brazilian Astronomy
66. Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Murders: Shoot to Kill
67. Baltimore Sun, Korryn Gaines: A 6-Hour Police Standoff
68. Boston Globe, The Issue of Crime
69. Boston Globe, Experience Big Air
70. Zhejiang News, Spring Begins
71. Zhejiang News, The Rain Season
72. Zhejiang News, Insects Awaken
73. South China Morning Post, The USAsian Vote
74. The Dallas Morning News, Rolling Up on Dixon Circle
75. O Globo, Balance of the Brasileirão 2016
76. O Globo, Silva vs. Bisping: Second by Second
77. O Globo, Biotypes of the Olympic Athletes
78. The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft Tracker
79. O Globo, Candles in the Wind
80. O Globo, Fidel Castro’s Cuba
81. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, From 10 to Ben: Steelers’ Super Bowls
82. FiveThirtyEight, Gun Deaths in America