2016: Features [Coverage]
From The Washington Post's Gold-medal entry, "Concrete Divisions."
From The Washington Post’s Gold-medal entry, “Concrete Divisions.”

1. The Washington Post, Concrete Divisions


2. Bloomberg, The Global Tech Issue

Award of Excellence

3. The New York Times, Olympic Races Near You
4. The Intercept, Penny Stock Chronicles
5. The Intercept, Code of Silence
6. The New York Times, Inside Death Row
7. ProPublica, Breaking the Black Box
8. The Washington Post, The Content of His Presidency
9. Minneapolis Star Tribune, Way Down in the Hole
10. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Doctors and Sex Abuse
11. Boston Globe, The Desperate and the Dead
12. Diário Catarinense, A Problem Without Size
13. The Wall Street Journal, We’re Out of Big Ideas