2016: Breaking/Daily News [Single-subject project]
The New York Times’ interactive on the terrorism incident in Nice.

1. The New York Times, A Trail of Terror in Nice, Block by Block
2. Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin City Marathon 2016

Award of Excellence

3. The New York Times, The Battle for Mosul, in One Image
4. The New York Times, What Happened Inside the Orlando Nightclub
5. The New York Times, Record Flooding in North Carolina After Hurricane Matthew
6. The New York Times, Hurricane Matthew’s Brutal Aftermath In Haiti
7. The Dallas Morning News, Eight Hours of Terror
8. Metrópoles, Impeachment Comic
9. ProPublica, ElectionLand
10. Folha de Sao Paulo, Palmeiras Campeao
11. Estadão, O Brasil das urnas
12. Los Angeles Times, Debate Scorecards
13. Asahi Shimbun, Ichiro Road to 3,000
14. O Globo, Brazil Election Package