2016: Experimental Design

1. The Guardian, 6×9: A VR Experience of Solitary Confinement

Award of Excellence

2. Quartz, Map of the Internet
3. Jovrnalism (USC), Hell and High Water VR
4. The New York Times, Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart
5. NPR, Fact Checking the First Debate
6. The Washington Post, Feels Bot
7. The Washington Post, Emoji Convention Reactions
8. The Washington Post, Sizing Up the Olympics
9. The New York Times, The Voter Suppression Trail
10. The New York Times, The Fight for Fallujah
11. The New York Times Magazine, Man On Spire
12. The New York Times Magazine, Great Performers
13. The Guardian, Rio Run
14. Los Angeles Times, Gold Bot
15. Helsingin Sanomat, AR-infographic