Dave Gray on better meetings through “gamestorming”

Dave Gray, founder of XPLANE, demonstrates gamestorming at the Saturday 11 a.m. keynote in St. Louis. David Yanofsky, an interactive designer at Bloomberg News, presenting his ‘problem-solving’ map in front of the audience. Brave man! By Wes Meltzer, Orlando Sentinel We’re having technical difficulties with Storify today, which is how this reporter was preparing to […]

SND STL: The Washington Post’s Laura Stanton on doing more with less

(Cross-posted from SNDSTL.com.) We’re excited to announce our next session because it’s highly practical and affects all of us. Doing More With Less Shrinking newsrooms. Voracious web demand. Today’s graphics staffs are often expected to produce more content to spread across multiple platforms, while faced with shrinking staffs. This session examines ways to maximize a department’s impact and […]

SND STL: Tito Bottitta and Mike Swartz on finding the web designer within

(Cross-posted from SNDSTL.com.) Our next dynamic duo of presenters for SND STL will talk about their experience and transition from the newsroom to launching their own digital design studio. Tito Bottitta and Mike Swartz will present: Finding the Web Designer Within Why everything you learned in the newsroom will make you a better web designer […]