Where cricket is king: How one paper from India covered the Olympics

The New Indian Express, covered the 2006 Beijing Olympics from all aspects.

Surprising design packages were highlights throughout the Games. And it was the paper’s design editor at the time Deepak Harichandan (now design editor at Times of India).

What was the secret of success of New Indian Express during the 2008 Summer Games? “It’s sheer planning and hard work,” Deepak said. “We approached the big event from the out-of-the-box. And it had paid well.”

Deepak reflects on his paper’s Olympic preparations as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation and discussion about Olympic news design.

More design tips for the Olympics.

Report from India: Inspiring great design, in print and online

The WAN-IFRA, SND news design conference in New Dehli this week brought together visuals leaders from around the world for the first workshop of its kind.

Featuring Javier Errea, of Errea Communications, Adonis Durado, of the Times of Oman, Tyson Evans, of the New York Times to name only a few. Here is a summary of the workshop.

More about news design in India here as part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.

Introducing SND India — where everyone loves to read

Jan. 23 in New Dehli a group of visual journalism leaders will come together for a first-of-its kind workshop, focusing on best practices in print and online. The workshop brought together by SND and WAN-IFRA also marks the launch of SND India welcoming an important part of the world into the SND community.

What is news design like in India? It’s a land of tens of thousands of newspapers and magazines and readers who love to read. So much so that pages are more likely to feature long stories than large photographs or infographics.

Much more on the jump from this dispatch from India, part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation.