SND 2010 Elections set for November; nominations sought for secretary/treasurer

The election of SND officers — president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer — will take place during the last week of November. We are now accepting open nominations for the office of secretary/treasurer. Send your nominations to me at [email protected] All nominations will be forwarded on to the executive committee of SND, which is charged with […]

An open letter on the value of Design

Updated: Gannett responds to SND’s President. Like many of our colleagues, we read with concern this week’s announcement of Gannett’s plans for regional hubs to build pages for many of their newspapers. This plan is similar to others that have sought to template publications and centralize parts of the creative and production process, or, in some extreme cases, eliminate design and graphics departments.

We all are looking for ways to eliminate inefficiencies to ensure a future for newspapers. However, as leaders of the Society for News Design, we would like to challenge some assumptions at the core of this (and similar) plans, as well as offer some ideas to consider at this critical time — a time when there is a need for relevancy, re-invention and creative solutions. Continue »

Total football

The World Cup is in the books (¡Viva España!) but there are lessons still to be learned. Luis Chumpitaz, Information Graphics Editor at Dubai Media Incorporated, describes the conception of a 48-page special supplement previewing the World Cup. The design work coming from the Middle East is unlike anything created elsewhere in the world. Luis […]

Wanted: Competition facilitators

Join us as a facilitator for the annual print competition: each year SND selects about 30 professional volunteers to assist with the annual Best of News Design™ Creative Competition judging in February at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. Anyone interested in serving as a facilitator should send an e-mail beginning after 12 a.m. (Eastern Time) on Thursday, July 1, 2010, to Competition Director Marshall Matlock.

The spectrum of Category 12 (Magazines)

This year for the first time, the Category 12 was opened up to magazines not distributed as part of a paper. “A lot of what we’re doing is moving more toward a magazine style,” said judge Frank Mina, AME for Presentation at the San Francisco Chronicle. Here’s a sampling of what the judges are seeing today, featuring the colors of the rainbow..