5 speaker announcements, 3 days, 1 great workshop — SND LOU

We’re ending our pre-4th of July week with some fireworks of our own. We’ve decided to announce two new speakers today instead of one: Michael Renaud, Creative Director of Pitchfork, and Trei Brundrett, VP of Product and Technology for Vox Media. If you haven’t been following the announcements this week, then you’ve hurt our feelings. Luckily, we don’t hold grudges in Louisville, so we’ll give you a quick recap of the five announcements for the week.

Speakers announcements for SND LOU start this week

We’re ready to start unveiling workshop information for SND Louisville, and the countdown is now underway. We’re pretty far along curating a great lineup of speakers. We’re excited, and not very good at keeping secrets; so, we’re not going to wait for one big reveal a couple months before the conference when the schedule is set. We’re announcing five speakers this week, and every week after we’ll unveil at least two names.

Holiday sale: Sign up now for a limited-time $100 discount on this fall’s SND workshop in Louisville

Lately, Black Friday seems like the closest thing yet to the Zombie Apocalypse. People’s brains are overpowered by a near-deadly withdrawal of tryptophan, gravy and wine, and then they swarm en masse to retailers’ doors hoping to fight and shove their way to a $4 toaster.

This holiday season, you can avoid becoming a victim of the madness and knock a couple things off your shopping list from the cozy comfort of your recliner.

We’re knocking $100 off the standard registration price for SND Louisville. That’s only $295. This is a great gift for a friend, loved one, or yourself. What you’ll learn at SND’s Workshop will last longer than any $4 toaster. The Student and Educator price will drop to $200.

So to sum up, don’t make a bad bet and ruin your Thanksgiving weekend by living out a scene from “28 Days Later.” Relax, save money and give a gift that will keep on giving. Register now!