The judging process

After a year-long submission period, during which the quarterly winners were determined, the nine judges at the annual Best of Multimedia Design competition are looking for the best of the best. This weekend, they are evaluating professional breaking and non-breaking news presentations, as well as student presentations, to find the best journalistic new media design. […]

Wide-ranging category Non-Breaking Features finalized

Thirteen multimedia packages were judged as finalists in the 2009 Best of Multimedia Design competition in the category Non-Breaking Features. The finalists: Common Ground from Cambio Climático from Brewed in Nashville from Sacred Ground: The Building of the Pentagon Memorial from Intended Consequences from Please Touch Museum from Pogue-O-Matic […]

Meet your SND judges

SND’s the Best of Multimedia Design competition uses the volunteered services of nine judges from top multimedia design backgrounds. With a goal of honoring high-quality journalistic multimedia design, the judges work through the year to evaluate entries, providing confidential feedback to each entrant. Today they complete the evaluations of more than 170 quarterly project winners […]

Nine top multimedia minds visit Chapel Hill to review competition entries

Leading thinkers in multimedia design arrived in Chapel Hill, N.C., Thursday to meet for the annual review of quarterly winners in SND’s Best of Multimedia Design Competition. A panel of photojournalists, designers, interactive producers, creative directors and professors are all together after a year of judging entries remotely each quarter. Follow SND Update all weekend […]