The world's best restaurant in Copenhagen

Dishing on World’s Best: What does it really mean

Just the other night, NOMA, of Copenhagen, was selected the World’s Best Restaurant. The year before, Noma finished third in the same competition but now I can comfort myself with the knowledge that if I wish to taste the best food in the world, the only thing I’ll need is a metro ticket plus a lot of patience and a month’s salary …

Reaching the level of “World’s Best,” for a restaurant or a newspaper, must take years and lots of hard work, and once you are there, you do not just lose all those qualities in twelve months. How come the Society’s competition doesn’t seem to work this way?

Rise of the Infogeeks

In case you haven’t noticed, infographics are becoming cool. Gone are the days when we had to try camouflaging our nerdy activities under terms such as “graphic reporting” or even ”graphic journalism.”

Well executed infographics contribute to making the world a better place and my students at the Danish School of Media and Journalism are happily engaging in complex visualizations.

But before we book our trip to infotopia, there are challenges ahead.

Horizontal or vertical navigation? It’s a trick question

Since Jan. 11, an interesting debate has been playing out between fans of horizontal navigation on Web sites and those who prefer navigation to be vertically organized. Lots of good arguments have been raised for both views and I won’t make any attempt to boil down the discussion into one or two little bouillon cubes here. If you are interested, take a look at Smashing Magazine from where the attack against vertical navigation was originally launched and at the case of the defense here.