PHOTOS: Scenes surrounding the Olympic Games

Taylor Bussick, Valerie Carnevale, Bobby Ellis, Corey Ohlenkamp and Emily Theis are among the 40 students from Ball State University who travelled to London for the school’s immersive-learning program, BSU at the Games. For those of us who have been following the Olympics from home, we’ve relied, in part, on stunning photography to take us from our […]

Andy Kirk talks data visualization and the Olympics

As the clock ticks closer to the Opening Ceremony of the London Games, publications around the world will undoubtedly begin revealing data visualizations that explore the breadth and depth of one of the world’s greatest sporting events. Andy Kirk, the United Kingdom-based data visualization expert who founded Visualising Data, took time to help make sense […]

Best field trip ever: The story of Ball State students headed to London to cover the Games

In about 45 days, students from the journalism and telecommunications departments at Ball State University will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cover the Olympic Games in London. The immersive-learning experience will allow those who have excelled in the classroom and in student media a chance to showcase their skills on a world stage.

Ryan Sparrow, instructor of journalism at Ball State and Best of Digital Design competition coordinator for the Society for News Design, will be leading the program, BSU at the Games.

• Slideshow of award-winning Olympic pages.
• Michael Agar on the view from London

Behind the World’s Best designed:

In 2011, the launch of quickly redefined the standard for what a news organization’s website could be. It created a responsive-viewing experience that automatically adjusts to the constraints of a user’s screen size or device. For its effort, SND33 gave it the distinction of being named World’s Best designed website. The Globe’s Digital Design […]