[infographic case study] Boston Globe’s energetic interactive and print graphics

Chiqui Esteban heads a talented crew at The Boston Globe, creating a stream of great news graphics. Two forces jump to the surface when talking with Esteban. One, the lasting impact of the Globe’s much-heralded 2011 site redesign — a change that brought device-agnostic site design to the top of the news design conversation. This […]

Help news designers in India enter the SND competition

SND’s Best of News Design is the leading competition of its kind in the world and we are heading into our 34th year. Each year in Syracuse, NY, there is a dizzying array of work from all over the world. Inspirational coverage of important local stories, stunning features, eye-catching photos and awe-inducing graphics. Broadsheet, tabloid, magazine.

There are some places in the world, however, that it’s a little more difficult to enter the competition.

Take India for instance. The news is a thriving part of the cultural landscape with thousands of titles. For a news designer to enter SND’s competition, though, is far above what that person earns at their job. SND would like to help so we are trying an experiment.

SND India’s region director, T.K. Sajeev Kumar has reached out to news designers across India to submit their best work to him. A small group of judges will review that work and nominate for entry into SND’s competition. Meanwhile, we are using the crowdsourcing site Razoo, a site for non-profits to raise money, to help these designers put their work up against the best in the world.

If you’d like to help, here’s how. Outreach to different parts of the world has always been one of SND’s core principles. We have region directors from all over the world.


Print entry deadlines: U.S. submissions, Jan. 16, 2013; international submissions, Jan. 23, 2013.

Digital entry deadlines: 12 a.m. EST., Jan. 16, 2013

Digital competition categories: More on the changes to this year’s competition, categories and rules

Digital entry form: Register first and then click on “submit entries.”

What sites are the World’s Best Designed? We’re looking for your ideas for the World’s Best Designed websites and mobile apps. A group of judges will go over all submissions and ideas in February, but first we’d like to hear from you. Send us your ideas.

Print competition Call for Entries: Instructions, categories and forms English and Spanish

Meet SND’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners for 2012: Deb Withey and Roger Black

At the awards gathering at SND’s workshop in Cleveland this fall SND presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Roger Black and Deb Withey. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest individual honor the Society can bestow and only 19 have received the it.

Roger’s vision and leadership has set the standard for newspaper and magazine design. His work with type and digital platforms has lead the way far out ahead of the rest of the industry. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Deb’s sense of community and gift for teaching transformed newsrooms of all sizes and her ability to use the tools of design to capture a place transformed communities. See the slideshow and read the script from the ceremony here.

Lifetime Achievement Award, Deb Withey: Inspirational voice for storytelling, communities

The recipients of SND’s Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2012 are Roger Black and Deborah Withey. The awards were presented at SND’s annual workshop and exhibition in Cleveland this fall. Before Black and Withey, only 19 have received the honor.

SNDCle: The workshop is underway. Tune in to SND Cle Live

The SNDCle workshop is off and running. The opening reception was held Thursday night in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a stunning museum with tributes to the world’s great rock artists. See for yourself on our opening day Designers from around the world descended on Cleveland Thursday for the annual Society for News Design conference. This year’s conference, hosted by The Plain Dealer, started with some events Thursday, and the opening reception at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We’ll be feeding our dispatches from Cleveland on sndlive.tumblr.com, so check it out. Also, follow the #sndcle tag on Twitter to stay updated.

Join us in Mexico City, Sept. 24 to 26, for the World Summit on Media Design: La Cumbre Mundial de Diseño en Prensa

This September, in beautiful Mexico City, a top-notch group of leaders of visual design will gather for La Cumbre Mundial de Diseño en Prensa, the World Summit on Media Design. This is the second time the Cumbra has been held in Mexico and SND is honored to be a part of it.

The Cumbre, a collaboration between Excelsior, Grupo Imagen, El Universal, Sintesis, El Economista, Arroyo, Grupo Expansion, Siempre!, Secretaria de Turismo Ciudad de Mexico, Istmo, Net-Channel.tv and Universidad Panamericana will be held in Mexico for the second year.

The event will be held Sept. 24, 25 and 26 at the Universidad Panamericana. SND members can register here.

Talking Olympics infographics with Jan Schwochow (plus check out the Olympics issue of IN GRAPHICS)

The stunning visual work of IN GRAPHICS creates that unique humbling, inspiring feeling that makes us all want to be better storytellers. This “magazine for visual people” out of Berlin, Germany has raked in the awards and accolades. But to hold a copy is to embrace the craft of printing and experience the skill and touch of visual storytelling at its best. The magazine comes out twice a year and focuses on timely issues on a series of spreads. Read more here. Editor and Publisher Jan Schwochow took a few minutes to talk with SND about the new Olympics issue.

This interview is part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation about design. Read more about the Olympics and other conversation pieces here.

Q&A with Joe Ward: Behind the scenes at The New York Times, as they plan Olympic graphics

The Olympics are a bit like Christmas for a graphics department: strong visuals, fast data, high concepts. Plus everyone knows the Games are coming, so it’s easy to make a plan and use the opportunity to try out new ways of storytelling. In a little over a week we’ll be able to check out the storytelling from the powerhouse graphics department at The New York Times, an incredible group of journalists and artists who are on a 5-year streak of wowing the web and visual journalism world. Sports Graphics Editor Joe Ward, who will be London for the Games, took a few moments to talk with us about the Times’ plans.

This interview is part of SND’s Year-Long Conversation about design. Read more about the Olympics and other conversation pieces here.