SND Lifetime Achievement Award: Gayle Grin

For her creative work and leadership at papers in Canada that have been an inspiration and her enthusiastic, smart and tireless work on behalf of SND that has benefited us all, the Society of News Design presented Gayle Grin with The Lifetime Achievement Award Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Annual Award Banquet in St. Louis.

A tribute in quotes
A tribute in photos

Late-breaking gold

In the last medal discussion of the day, the Features team awarded a gold to the National Post for an Avenue illustration. The doubletruck image, titled “Religious Extremists” was made up of 82,199 dots, each representing the Iraq Body Count organization’s estimate of Iraqi civilians who died at the hands of religious extremists.

More gold

With just a few hundred entries to go, the Long Form team awarded their first gold. That makes three gold medals for the competition so far. The Portuguese newspaper Expresso was honored for the redesign of their magazine Única. The redesigned magazine is titled Revista Única. Expresso was one of last year’s World’s Best Designed […]

What happened to the Year of the Redesign?

SND30: The Long-form team from Society for News Design on Vimeo. The Long Form team spent a few hours judging the Overall Newspaper Redesign category (18A). It seemed to us at the SND International Web Desk that 2008 was the Year of the Redesign, what with papers around the globe being rethought and U.S. papers […]

More random winners—Sunday afternoon

We’ve got less than 2,000 entries left to judge. Things have slowed a bit as we get into the redesign and portfolio entries, but the judges are having a great second day. The dinner break is about an hour-and-a-half away. Pre-break we’d like to offer up a couple more winners taken from the top of […]

Random winners—Sunday afternoon

All the “News Design/Pages” categories have been judged now. All of the photography category is gone, too. All the “Information Graphics” categories except portfolios are finished. We still have the huge illustration category to be judged. At 836 entries, it’s nearly a third of what we have left. We’re looking forward to the portfolio and […]

700 down

Judges have gotten through more than 700 additional entries this morning. And things have tightened up a bit. The judging teams in the main hall (News, Long Form, Features) have gone through seven categories including special section inside pages, medium-size front pages, inside feature pages and broadsheet travel. But they didn’t see as much that […]

Random winners—Sunday morning

As judging gets rolling on this second day, here are a couple winners plucked off the top of the pile waiting to be entered into the database. The first, above, is from Expresso in Lisbon. The story about a threatened fish population, the spread won in the “News Design, Inside Pages” category. The second is […]

Early wake-up call

Judges and facilitators on the 5th and 6th floors of the Sheraton got an early wake-up call thanks to a fire alarm. While some slept through the 4:40 a.m. alarm, many were unhappily evacuated to the lobby as evidenced by their tweets: “Fire alarm? Really? The hotel better ****-ing be on fire,” wrote long form […]

First two gold medals

The very first winner of the competition — the National Post’s Toronto section — was held back for a discussion by the judges and, in a nice piece of serendipity, also won the competition’s first gold medal. The category was Local Section/Compact and the entry headline was: “100 ways to enjoy an artier, healthier, techier, […]

Random winners—Saturday afternoon

The judges are back at it after lunch. We have judged just under 20% of our entries (not counting Category 1 — World’s Best Designed — which will be judged next weekend). We just plucked a couple of winners being delivered to the SND International Web Desk area. The first is from the Features Design […]

Random winner—Saturday morning

Each of the judging groups are trying to squeeze in another category before lunch. The winners are flowing into the SND International Web Desk area, and we can announce a random winner that just got carted up from the Features group. The News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina captures an Award of Excellence for […]

First winner in the books

The first categories to be “uncupped” this morning were in the News Design/Pages, Local Section category. The first winner of the competition was the National Post for it’s local news compact section (category 3Bd). We’ll announce random winners throughout the day. We’ll also announce any gold medals as they are awarded.