Paige Connor

Paige Connor has been championing the craft of design — and the Society for News Design’s role in visually explaining the news — since college, when she joined Ball State University’s SND chapter as a student in 2000. She’s been active in SND ever since.
Paige currently serves on SND’s board as the Membership Director. She’s developing a multi-year strategy to increase awareness about what SND does and enabling those who benefit from SND events and outreach to see the value of membership and being part of SND’s global community.
Paige’s passion for helping members connect has put her on the front lines at the two most recent annual workshops, where she has been the overall volunteer coordinator. In both Washington and San Francisco, Paige worked to produce the best in breed design conferences that members expect from SND.
She continues that outreach, working with workshop co-chairs in Charlotte for next year’s annual event, pushing for a community of inclusion as the conference evolves and has greater emphasis on motivating teams and managing for success.
For her commitments and work at SNDDC and SNDSF, Paige received President’s Awards for excellence in volunteerism for both workshops. In addition to volunteer coordinating for SNDCLT, she is also working with various board members on sponsorship for the conference and SND as an organization.
Paige has earned SND honors for her portfolio, as well as other awards for her design work throughout her career, which includes stints on the cross-platform team at Bloomberg, design director for Politico, assistant sports editor for the Washington Times and art director for two magazines.

Alyson Morris
Vice President

Aly Morris is an award-winning designer for the Chicago Tribune. Her portfolio has won both digital and print awards and she was honored to help judge the SND 37 competition. She has worked on both print and digital sides of newsrooms across the country. She has previously led a team of designers at RedEye – a Chicago Tribune publication aimed at millennials – before being asked to join the Chicago Tribune’s long-standing features desk.
Her previous experience has highlighted some of the problems that many young professionals deal with. She’s hoping through a board position she can help them navigate through the real life newsroom experience while continuing to unlock their personal creative potential.
When Aly isn’t designing section fronts, you can find her with a set of watercolors on the roof of Tribune Tower, rearranging her indoor plant jungle at her apartment, teaching a community yoga class or plotting her travel arrangements for the next SND conference.
Aly loves this creative community of inspiring designers.

Cristobal Edwards

Cristóbal Edwards teaches reporting, writing, visuals, and news design to master and undergraduate journalism and design students at Universidad Católica de Chile. He has given presentations and workshops about those topics in China, Latin America, Scandinavia, and the USA.
He is the Society for New Design’s international relations director and a member of the Executive Committee. He became an SND member in 1999 and has been appointed to several board positions: co-director of the education committee in 2001, Region 12 (South America) director in 2004, SND Foundation in 2008, and to the current position in 2014.
Cristóbal was TIME magazine’s news correspondent in Chile for nine years until late 2007. He has also freelanced as a writer and photographer for several Chilean, North American and UK media. As a photographer, he has exhibited documentary photography in Chile, England, and Norway. He graduated with a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University in 1998. He enjoys traveling, scuba diving, photography, design, writing, and speaks several languages.

Tyson Evans
Immediate Past President

tyson_evans_bw SND has been my like my second family for a decade. Early in my career, the Society inspired me to become a better designer and recalibrate my career ambitions. It has introduced me to some of my closest friends and most respected colleagues. The organization plays an essential role, linking our profession’s past to its future and creating bonds between students, professionals and educators that transcend disciplines and geography.
Not many journalism organizations have remained relevant for more than 35 years. Now it’s time to pave a path ahead for the next few decades. Strengthening SND is a surefire way to bolster and elevate design’s role in this incredible and transformational moment in media.
Ultimately, we need to find ways to scale SND’s reach and utility to accommodate the dizzying pace of change and innovation reshaping our industry. It’s our only path toward fiscal stability and, more importantly, to remaining relevant to our membership.

Stephen Komives
Executive Director

Stephen has served the Society in various capacities since 2002: he’s judged the annual print competition, served as president of the Malofiej infographics competition jury, co-chaired SND’s diversity committee and directed and taught the design quick courses. He also helped organize two annual SND workshops — 2006 in Orlando and 2002 in Savannah, Ga.
He spent 20 years in newsrooms — most recently as design editor of the Orlando Sentinel, where he worked for five years.
He holds master’s degrees from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and from Johns Hopkins University. His first day as SND executive director was Nov. 16, 2009.