Watch the replay of the SND business meeting and take workshop poll

  • Read the new proposal aimed at restructuring the SND board
  • Nominate candidates for the next board of directors election

SND business meeting now available for replay

  • Read the new proposal aimed at restructuring the SND board
  • Nominate candidates (or yourself!) for the next board of directors election
  • Take a poll about the future of the 2021 workshop 

The Society for News Design held its quarterly business meeting on June 18, 2021. The leadership council updated members on the financial health of the organization, member survey results, initiatives and a new proposal for restructuring the organization’s board of directors and election process. 

The proposal — a motion to restructure the Society’s board of directors paired with an immediate open call for candidates, to be followed by a full membership election — can be read in full on Questions or concerns about the proposal can be directed to any member of the Leadership Council. 

Questions asked and discussed at the business meeting: 

  • How is SND following up on the survey responses?
  • Will there be a conference in 2021? (Active pol still available in Crowdcast))
  • How do I get involved with current SND committees (events/communications/membership)?
  • What are the SND membership numbers?
  • What are the financials of SND and the outlook for the rest of the year?
  • What is the status of the 41st and 42nd book editions?
  • What is SND looking to do in the future for the competitions?
  • What direction did SND decide to take following the Business Meeting in January?
  • What is the new proposal for board elections and SND?
  • What is the timeline for the new proposal?
  • What’s the timeline for finding a new executive director? Does that come before or after the board elections?
  • What is on the remainder of the SND calendar?

Watch recording of the business meeting, and related elections discussion here (must be registered as a member to view. If you have trouble accessing please contact [email protected]).

Note: In the replay you can skip to timestamps of question responses by clicking on the question.