Add these to your calendar: Upcoming events

This is a regularly updating post of upcoming events.


The visual storytellers at the Star Tribune had a year of non-stop breaking-news coverage including protests and the trial of Derek Chauvin. We will look back on the last 13 months with them and discuss how they told these closely followed stories and the impact on their community.

Cost: Free to SND Members; $10 non-members


The team at American City Business Journals (who were recognized for their work with a Judges’ Special Recognition at the 42nd Print News Design Competition) will discuss how an organization with no visual identity a decade ago transformed its 40 weekly publications into a place where each designer’s voice can be unique and heard, while still coloring inside the lines of a design framework. 

Cost: Free to SND Members; $10 non-members


When you first see a design or graphic, what is your first reaction to it? Do you admire all of it or just one aspect? Do you see an idea you want to steal for a future project? Do you wonder why the designer made one decision over another?

For the September Creative Conference Call, now YOU can be privy to those inner thoughts and designer decisions.

Cost: Free to SND Members; $10 non-members

SND Quarterly Business Meeting


As promised in our Business Meeting held earlier this year, we will be holding quarterly Business Meetings, which will be open to all current members. We will share our membership and financial performance to date and more.

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