Enjoy the 2020-2021 COVID-19 Cartoon Showcase

On February 1, 2021 the Society for News Design and the Danish newspaper Politiken invited news cartoonists from all over the world to answer the following question:

In the year since WHO declared the virus a global pandemic (March 11, 2020), how have you portrayed the pandemic with wit and art?

113 cartoonists from 44 nations and 68 media brands answered that question and responded with more than 400 cartoons. We’re proud to showcase the below selection of those phenomenal cartoons and illustrations.

Explore the flipbook above or click here for the full screen interactive version.

We hope you enjoy these takes on the unfortunate sneezing, lingering loneliness, mask jokes, the emotional waves as they rolled in and the vaccines as they begin their roll out. From an overall perspective, it is a frighteningly beautiful portrait – the paradoxical art of keeping distance and standing together at the same time – of how the world responded to COVID-19.

The cartoons have been shared with all participants and will be published all over the globe during March.

The Society would like to thank to Søren Nyeland (Politiken) and Douglas Okasaki for facilitating the collection of the world’s coolest cartoonists.