Enter the College Design Contest at Michigan State University

Enter the MSU-SND College Design Contest.

The deadline is extended to March 16. Be sure to get your entries in soon. The contest is open to all currently enrolled college students. Find out more at msusnd.org.

Share your voice

We come together to share our work for the voiceless, and to emphasize the importance of storytelling across mediums. It’s about the countless stories we’ve told, the dedication of deadlines and the importance of ethical journalism. Share your voice and your work.

About the contest

The Michigan State University Design Contest for College Students began in 2000 as a way for students to enter work done not only for a campus publication, but also projects done for a class, a job or an internship. Enter the MSU-SND College Design Contest today.

There are a number of beginning student designers who have demonstrated incredible talent, but they do so in the classroom or at a part-time job. In much the same way, some of the most talented visual journalists—for a variety of reasons—do not work at their campus newspaper. These students are usually ineligible for other college design competitions, where contest rules often limit entries to work done for a student newspaper or magazine. The MSU Design Contest was established to give those other students a voice in an international competition.

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