Announcing SNDDC 2020

Washington, D.C. in the spring: Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin, the epicenter of politics during campaign season — and next year, the site of SND’s Annual Workshop: SNDDC 2020

SNDDC happens April 5-6, with pre-conference sessions and events beginning on Saturday, April 4. The workshop will explore how our craft has moved beyond newsrooms, how storytelling is vital in many adjacent fields, and the ways we can all learn from each other. 

What sparks collaboration? How do different crafts work together to tell stories? When should the design of visual information be explanatory and when should it be exploratory? SNDDC 2020 will incubate those discussions and inspire answers, all with the goal of practical applications. SNDDC’s goal is to help you know what to learn, how to sharpen your expertise and find ways to grow your professional networks.

Today’s media environment bears scant resemblance to that of a generation ago, but there has been one constant: Over four decades, the Society for News Design has carried out a mission to design, promote and advance excellence in visual journalism across all mediums.

Tickets are limited this year, so be sure to register early.

Check out the official SNDDC site, with details on what to expect over the three days that SND will gather in, including information on how to sponsor what’s sure to be a sold-out event.

We’re excited to share more about 2020 soon: Stay tuned to the SNDDC site for all the details!


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