SND London student workshop

Google London office

Society for News Design (SND) invites UK students interested in journalism and design to a one off event we are running in collaboration with The Sunday Times on February 4th 2020. 
Hosted by Google in their London offices we will be offering you the opportunity to work with award-winning creatives and live out a day of a news design team. 

Working with genuine news briefs you will be split into groups and invited to conjure arresting ideas, create roughs and execute designs. You will be encouraged to explore typography, infographics, photography, drawing and montage. It doesn’t matter how you do it.The point of this exercise to show your creative ingenuity under pressure.

You will receive assistance and advice from the award winning team at The Sunday Times throughout the day and will walk away with an understanding of the process that design teams within publishing follow.

If you would like to learn more about these opportunities please contact Kat Marshall

To participate in London event on February 4 2020 register here:

What: Editorial Design workshop / When: February 4, 2020 / Where: London Google Office


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