Douglas Okasaki Returns to SND Board

I am happy to announce the appointment of past-president Douglas Okasaki to the Society for News Design’s Board as the Director of International Relations. Douglas has been a devoted and long-time SND volunteer, previously as an SND Regional Director and also elected leadership roles. 

He has contributed greatly to SND over the years, including hosting an Iraq news design workshop in Jordan as well as workshops in Dubai and recently the 1-day workshop in London. I look forward to working with Douglas throughout this year and beyond. 

Douglas Okasaki is a Japanese- Brazilian award winner designer based in Dubai. 

He previously worked in the biggest Folha de S.Paulo, O Globo , (Brazil), IPC World Inc (Tokyo) and Gulf News (Dubai).

“In this transition time, it’s important to keep the creativity alive, although some situation can make you down, you need to keep alive your desire for innovation and producing WOW! works that make you pushing for the best of yourself” says Douglas.

Douglas keeps open the invitation If you are interested in helping SND to reach your region, organize a meeting up,  or workshop, be free to contact him at [email protected]


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