SND Chicago: The Type Workshop

#SNDChicago started off with a showcase of type mastery with type experts Roger Black, Eduardo Danilo and Lucas Czarnecki.

The speaker spent the day with participants unearthing headline schedules from the 20th century, looking at how brands can leverage typography in a design system, and discovering ways to use variable fonts now.

Roger Black from Front Bureau shows 20th century “headline schedules.” He notes that looking at older references can spark inspiration. “Sometimes they have better ideas that may have been forgotten,” Black said.

Eduardo Danilo, of Danilo Design in Mexico, showcased design work from several publications that highlight present design systems.

“Design systems allow designers to make better decisions and to design faster,” Danilo said. For example, a library of 2,400 pages serves as a ‘design system’ so designers can focus on creating the 20% most important or intricate part of the page.

Participants were allowed to bring projects to gain insight on and were subjected to redesigns of newspaper layouts such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

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