SND Chicago: Advancing Your HTML and CSS Skills

Written by Camille North, Michigan State University

Kurt Cunningham and Joey Kirk are from Made by Munsters, a web development company in Indianapolis. They came to the 2019 SND conference with a fresh look on web design.

The professionals focused on the idea of creating a website as efficiently and quickly as possible, with the ability to reuse code for later projects.

Cunningham demonstrates a CSS function called “variable” that allows web developers to efficiently work with theming and make universal changes to specified styles in the case of long codes.

The speakers demonstrated new aspects to CSS such as blend mode, which allows designers to cast an overlay over photos without incorporating Photoshop or other software programs.

Their main focus was efficiency and creating a website on a deadline.

By categorizing stylesheets based on various aspects – such as typography, modules, sidebars or footers, and their specific styles – rather than a single stylesheet, designers are able to de-bug quicker and make changes for their clients in a timely manner.

Attendees of the workshop working alongside the speakers with customized code based on the lesson plans provided.

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