Meet the SNDChicago Travel Grant winners

The SND Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of travel grants for the SND Annual Workshop & Exhibition, celebrated in Chicago, April 4-6.



Experience: My experience is largely concentrated and originates from the classroom. I discovered my interest for print design late sophomore year and the interest quickly grew into a love that still continues today. Since then I have completed multiple independent projects however most of my projects come from completing assignments for courses or from practicing new skills I’ve discovered from fellow budding designers.

Involvement with SND: I was first introduced to SND late junior year and have been a member ever since. It was the first place I was able to be surrounded by fellow designers who have followed or are currently following the same journey from an inexperienced to a confident designer or creator.

Most excited about … : I’m most excited about being surrounded by professionals who are working in the field that I have set my eyes on. It’s easy to get caught up in the “what if’s” and the insecurities connected with life after college. Seeing concrete evidence that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” speaks volumes.



Experience:My design experience started in 2016 when I joined the University of Miami school magazine called Distraction as a contributing designer. From there I fell in love with design and became a Remote Graphic Design Intern with a small clothing company called Eight Thousand Miles during the summer of 2017. In the summer of 2018, I was a Graphic Design Intern with Healing Waters International, a nonprofit in Colorado. After that, I moved on up to Art Director for Distraction magazine in the fall of me senior year at UM and also started working at the University of Miami Wellness Center in the marketing department as a Marketing Assistant, designing all kinds of promotional materials for events.

Involvement with SND:As someone who has been to many conferences before with our school magazine, I had heard about SND from older students when I was a sophomore. This year, the advisor for Distraction magazine reached out to me and told me I should go, so I applied for the grant and now can’t wait to head for Chicago!

Most excited about … : I’m really looking forward to a weekend focused on design. Most of the conferences I’ve been to showcase a wide variety of media, but now I get to hone in on my main interest and really learn from the best. I’m excited to meet people who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about design as myself.



Experience: I am currently interning with a magazine group and have had to opportunity to design their website as well as assist with page layouts and mock-ups. I also have the opportunity to shadow the art director 2 days a week to watch her work process, ask questions and sometimes pitch ideas to her.

Involvement with SND: I learned about SND through a mentor I had as a freshman and then again through a friend I worked with on the yearbook staff. Both had nothing but good things to say about the program and the people involved. One had found a job through her connections and experience with SND and the other was hoping to do the same. I began going to meetings where I learned so much about the process of design and was able to understand it better. I also have met some of my closest friends through the experience. I attended the SND40 Creative Competition this year as a facilitator (which was the best 3 days ever) and currently hold a position as Vice-President and Director of Communications in our SND student chapter.

Most excited about … : I am most excited about challenging myself and my creative ability. I love to find new ways of designing and interacting with people. I also am excited to meet new people who have such passion and love for design and learn from them!



Experience:I am currently the Assistant Art Director for The Post, my college’s newspaper, a designer for Thread magazine, a student publication, and a member of the Ohio University Multimedia Society. I was formerly a graphic designer for Ohio University Campus Recreation and a visual communication intern at The Grassroot Project in Washington D.C.

Involvement with SND: I learned about SND through my professors who recommended using SND for inspiration and finding designers who have similar styles to me. I learned about this opportunity through fellow student designers and am excited to meet designers who are as interested in design, typography, and illustration as I am.

Most excited about … : I am most excited to hear about design from professionals in the industry and get their perspective on working as a designer and illustrator in today’s professional environment.



Experience: I have always loved designing things and creating my own designs. I have been a part of the yearbook staff all throughout middle school and now in college. My artwork has been displayed in the Mississippi Museum of Art for two consecutive years. I am currently interning with the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce and I have designed a lot of logos for them as well as flyers and more.

Involvement with SND: I found out about SND through an upperclassmen. She encouraged me to join and told me that SND was a great thing to be a part of. I started going to meetings and I absolutely fell in love with the knowledge of the other members and the amazing things that I was taught. I am forever thankful for her for getting me involved with SND.

Most excited about … : I am most excited about meeting new people and putting myself out there. I cannot wait to learn new things and put my creative side to the test.



Experience: My experience with newspapers started at my community college’s student-run paper, The Sun. It was there that I felt my creativity and skills set could be used toward a good cause. I started as a writer, moved up to an editorial position for different sections, and dabbled with production and web design. Once I transferred to CSU, Chico I focused more on infographics. Currently I’m a designer at a local design hub.

Involvement with SND: I heard about SND during journalism competitions and workshops with other student-run newspapers. My newsroom had old copies of “Best of News Design” books and I would browse through the pages to gain inspiration.

Most excited about … : I’m looking forward to meeting people who are still excited about print design. I’m interested in learning how professionals have managed to balance their creativity without disrupting the tone of a story.



Experience: I’m a senior media and journalism student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I worked as the Student Lab Monitor for Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College assisting fine arts students with technical help for Adobe software and darkroom equipment and techniques. I currently work as the Production Manager at UNC’s student newspaper, The Daily Tar Heel, and I serve as the Director of Publications and Artwork for the literary arts magazine, The Charles Carter, where I previously served as president.

Involvement with SND: I discovered SND through UNC this year. This workshop will be my first SND event. I’ll be graduating this fall, so I’m looking forward to meeting others in the society and becoming more regularly involved as a professional.

Most excited about … : This event is an opportunity unlike any I’ve had, so I’m mostly excited about traveling to Chicago, meeting other SND members, and improving my skills in photography and web design. More specifically, I’m very excited to hear from Jordan David LaFlure, Managing Editor at The Onion. I really enjoy satirical news, and I’m curious to see how this talk ties in with the workshop.



Experience:I currently serve as the editor-in-chief of Ball Bearings Magazine, Ball State’s nationally award-winning, student-run magazine. Since I’m a double-major in magazine journalism and journalism graphics, I get to help oversee both our writing staff and our art team. Last summer, I had the chance to intern at Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. I’ve also been a public relations intern with the Eiteljorg Museum, the David Owsley Museum of Art and the Muncie Children’s Museum. After I graduate this May, I will be spending the summer at the Indianapolis Star as a Pulliam fellow.

Involvement with SND: I first learned about SND when I entered the journalism graphics program here at Ball State. Other students told me about all the amazing opportunities they had discovered through their involvement with the program––especially when it came to going to conferences. This will be my first SND conference, and I’m super excited to attend!

Most excited about … : I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to meet with some of the most talented individuals in our industry. I also consider Chicago one of my favorite places to visit, so I’m excited to spend a few days in the city!



Experience: My love for design stemmed from my involvement in high school yearbook. During my senior year I designed my yearbook, a 268-page publication, utilizing Adobe InDesign. This is when I discovered my passion for design and recognized it would always be more than a hobby to me. I decided to continue strengthening my skills at Michigan State University. I serve as the magazine coordinator of LUX Media; a journalistic outlet for marginalized groups on MSU’s campus. While publishing my first issue in December 2018, I received a position as communications assistant to the Vice President of Auxiliary Enterprises at MSU. Here, I compose copy for, design, and publish a weekly HR publication Delivering Outstanding Spartan Experiences (DOSE) Weekly. Although I am currently studying marketing within the Eli Broad College of Business, I am also enrolled courses within MSU’s School of Journalism. I continue to strengthen my skills in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Involvement with SND: I received word of the Society for News Design through my Professor Rick Epps. Wanting to improve my skills and expand my journalistic network, I began to attend meetings in January of this year. I am grateful to my professor and chapter E-board for encouraging to me to take this opportunity and helping me grow professionally. Although I am new to SND, I am excited to learn from experienced professionals and my peers in the industry by attending this conference.

Most excited about … : I am most excited to attend workshops and network with fellow designers while enjoying the city of Chicago! I can’t wait to vent about how much I hate Comic Sans!


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