SND40 Best of News Design: Day Two Recap

The Best of News Design Creative Competition judges have awarded 12 gold medals, 28 silver medals, one judges’ special recognition, and 595 awards of excellence in the first two days (or 19 hours) of judging at the Coliseum in St. Petersburg. As we close in on the last rounds of the 4,831 entries in the Best of News Design Creative Competition, here’s a look back at day two.

The judges awarded four gold medals to:

  • The New York Times’ series of maps of every building in six major cities in the U.S.
  • National Geographic’s combined print and digital presentation of a young woman’s face transplant. The print component also received a silver for magazine story design.
  • The Star Tribune’s combined print and digital presentation of a special report on rape in Minnesota
  • The New York Times’ combined print and digital presentation of the Winter Olympics special section

Silver medals went to these entries:

  • The New York Times’ special coverage of climate change
  • The New York Times Magazine’s hypnotic cover illustration capturing the feeling of psychedelic drugs
  • Superinteressante’s graphic exploring the sound of different instruments
  • The New York Times’ staff combination portfolio
  • Wayne Kamidoi’s individual combination portfolio from The New York Times
  • An American painter’s takeover of a complete edition of Die Welt
  • The New York Times Magazine cover “Is Google Too Powerful?”
  • National Geographic’s story examining the concept of race
  • Time Magazine’s cover “Guns in America”
  • National Geographic’s magazine cover “Planet or Plastic”
  • Verdens Gang’s combined print and digital presentation of a rape victim’s story
  • National Geographic Traveler’s combined print and digital presentation of an illustrated journey through the Galapagos
  • Washington Post Magazine’s combined print and digital presentation of their alternate storytelling issue
  • The New York Times’ combined print and digital presentation of eight Thanksgiving pies
  • La Nacion’s combined print and digital presentation of “The Notebook of Bribes”

The judges also awarded a Judge’s Special Recognition in Risk-taking experimentation to the South China Morning Post for their staff graphics portfolio.


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