Eight SND/NewsU webinars now available, free for members

Colin Smith of The Villages Daily Sun, center, and Alanna Dvorak of the Poynter Institute conduct the webinar, “Making Emotional Connections Through Design.”

Last week SND conducted three webinars at the Poynter Institute, featuring world-class designers from the Washington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune and The Villages Daily Sun. These webinars are now archived and available for viewing, along with five previous webinars created in 2017 on design and infographics.

These webinars drew more than 500 participants.

They are free for members. Log into the Members-Only area for the access code, or contact SND executive director Stephen Komives at [email protected]

We’re thrilled to offer these webinars as a member benefit. Many thanks to the Knight Foundation for support in making these possible. We will be creating more webinars before the end of 2018.

Four Prince covers, from “Planning for the Big Story,” by Greg Mees of the Star Tribune.

Here’s the lineup of webinars to date:

Making Emotional Connections with Local Audiences through Design

By Colin Smith, The Villages Daily Sun

Secrets of a Successful Newsletter: Lessons from The Lily

By Amy King and Aviva Loeb, The Washington Post

Planning for the Big Story

By Greg Mees, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Social Media Visuals: Tips and Free Tools

By Sara Quinn, Kansas State University

Designing Beyond Print: Owning Your Work Across Platforms

By Matthew Callahan and Virginia Singarayar, The Washington Post

Data Visualization for Journalists: Stripping the Dread from the Graphics Part I

By Alberto Cairo, University of Miami

Data Visualization for Journalists: Stripping the Dread from the Graphics Part II

By Alberto Cairo, University of Miami

High-Concept Sports Design

By Vince Chiaramonte, the Buffalo News

Aviva Loeb, left, and Amy King, of The Lily.
Alanna Dvorak of Poynter and Greg Mees of the Star Tribune discuss big story planning.

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Yay, free webinars. The one about social media is of great use because people are glued to their phones and that is what i going to be future if we aren’t there already.

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