The time has come, let’s go to SND Hong Kong

SND is embarking on a ride to Hong Kong. The gateway city that links the occident with the orient is hosting top professionals in a visual communication festival. Events kick off with a summit on April 13, followed by a two-day workshop at HKU. Attendees will visit selected sites on Hong Kong Island to develop a visual story, guided by the South China Morning Post infographics team

So, what better excuse do you need to have a great time visiting a lovely city to network with professionals and hone your storytelling skills?

The South China Morning Post Headquarters is ready to greet you to the summit.


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Here is what you will see on the first day:

Where sketching informs data

Adolfo Arranz South China Morning Post

How to apply sketching and drawing to visual journalism


In praise of the humble pie

John Saeki AFP

How a wire agency graphics editor tackles life at the coal seam of breaking news


Leading the way

MinJung Kim Wall Street Journal

The role the Hong Kong bureau played in rethinking how WSJ visualizes stories for web and mobile


Cartoonists draw on the news

Harry Harrison Freelance

A look at the where Harry’s ideas come from as he explains the nightly newspaper cartoon process

It’s beautiful okay, but does it work?

Marcelo Duhalde South China Morning Post

The eternal challenge of combining good content with attractive visuals


Alchemy: turning data into stories

Simon Scarr Reuters

How the Reuters newsroom researches and builds immersive visual stories


The dynamic data of an infographic poster

Sung hwan Jang 203 X InfographicsLab

The process of inspiration, conceptualization and production of our monthly delivery (poster and magazine)


Building a learning curve for your readers

Yue Qiu Bloomberg

How to use visualizations to convey complex business stories for broad audiences


Live data graphics – the peaks and pitfalls

Phil Bainbridge Graphic News

Graphic News’ online infographics with live data: The ‘why’ and the ‘how’, with some cautionary tales


Back to basics

Jane Pong Financial Times

A step back to the fundamental challenges of data visualisation design and accessibility

This is not (a graphic)

Javier Errea Errea Comunicación and SNDE/Malofiej

A journey into industry trends, opportunities, limitations…


On being contrarian

Alberto Lucas National Geographic

Embracing the counter-intuitive, the best ideas are often 360s from your first thought

REGISTER HERE (Limited seats)



Official website        Download PDF







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