Get pinned: Celebrate SND’s 40th anniversary

SND is going strong heading into its 40th year, having transformed the design conversation in newsrooms over the past generation. To celebrate this occasion, we asked five design luminaries — Deb Withey, Julie Elman, Pablo Bernasconi, Andrea Levy, and Chloe Cushman — to create special pin designs. You can purchase them individually, or buy the whole set. Order today!

The Whole Set:

Purchase all five pins for $40.00, or individually for $11.99. Price includes shipping in the U.S. (For international orders, please contact [email protected] to determine exact shipping costs).

Proceeds benefit the SND Foundation, which supports students interested in news design careers.

The Individual Designs:

Deborah Withey is a past president of SND, and the 2012 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. She was the longtime design director of the Detroit Free Press, design consultant for Knight Ridder Newspapers, and DME at the Virginian-Pilot.

Julie Elman won numerous awards for her design work at the Virginian-Pilot. She teaches design and picture editing at the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She is author of Fear, Illustrated: Transforming What Scares Us.

Andrea Levy’s distinct images have graced The Plain Dealer in Cleveland since 1999. Her works are range from whimsical to hauntingly unforgettable, and she has earned numerous awards including the Cleveland Art Prize. Andrea’s spirit animal is the cockroach, which inspired her pin design. Here, it represents the industry: “Not dead, just dreaming,” she says.

Chloe Cushman is a Toronto-based designer and illustrator whose work in the National Post has won many awards from SND, and from the Society of Illustrators. Her writing has appeared in the National Post, The Walrus, and The Guardian. The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Penguin Random House, Shopify, The Guardian, The Walrus, Toronto Life, Reader’s Digest, House of Anansi Press, and Coach House Books.

Pablo Bernasconi is an Argentinian graphic artist who worked for several years Clarín Newspaper, and has won awards many times for his work at La Nacion as well. His works today commonly appear in Germany, USA, England, Australia, and Spain.

About Stephen Komives

Previously served as Executive Director of the Society for News Design, from 2009–2019.


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