SND39 Best of Digital Design: Results including Awards of Excellence and medal winners

The Society for News Design is proud to announce the results of the 2017 Edition of its Best of Digital Design Competition. 13 judges, from across the United States and around the globe, reviewed more than 1,000 entries during 2 days of judging at Northwestern University’s Medill campus in Washington, D.C.

This is the sixth year of the competition, which uniquely honors journalistic, visual and technical excellence. Winners will be celebrated at The Society’s annual Workshop in New York, March 22-24. A list of finalists for the World’s Best award will be announced later this week. Nearly 60 publications received an award, including:

  • 3 Gold Medals
  • 42 Silver Medals
  • 440 Awards of Excellence

Please contact SND director Stephen Komives with any questions. A full list of results is available here and browsable below.

Full List of Winners

Gold Medals:

3 entries received Gold Medals, the highest award of the digital competition. These projects define state of the art, stretching the limits of creativity both visually and technically.

Silver Medals:

42 entries were awarded Silver Medals, which signify work that goes beyond excellence

  1. Trail of Terror in the Manhattan Truck Attack, The New York Times
  2. Thousands Cried for Help as Houston Flooded, The New York Times
  3. Your Photos of A Solar Eclipse’s Journey Across America, The New York Times
  4. Poas volcano reborn in the eruption, La Nacion
  5. ‘Where are we supposed to go?’ Scenes from Harvey’s aftermath, The Washington Post
  6. ESPN: NFL Rank, ESPN
  7. Inauguration, The Washington Post
  8. Europe’s Milestone Elections, Bloomberg
  9. #MeToo, The New York Times Magazine
  10. Hurricane Harvey Coverage, The New York Times
  11. Miles of ice collapsing into the sea, The New York Times
  12. The Body Issue, ESPN
  13. Touching Gloves, O Globo
  14. Internetting with Amanda Hess, The New York Times
  15. Antarctica Coverage, The New York Times
  16. Boston. Racism. Image. Reality. The Spotlight Team takes on our hardest question, Boston Globe
  17. The Quants: Meet The New Kings Of Wall Street, Wall Street Journal
  18. Hear Me Out, ABC News (Australia)
  19. Rohingya coverage, Thomson Reuters
  20. Nine Rounds a Second: How the Las Vegas Gunman Outfitted a Rifle to Fire Faster, The New York Times
  21. Maps: Tracking Harvey’s Destructive Path Through Texas and Louisiana, The New York Times
  22. Graphics portfolio of hurricane coverage, The Washington Post
  23. How Facial Recognition Works, The Wall Street Journal
  24. Coverage of Eclipse, The Washington Post
  25. Incarceration by executive order, The Washington Post
  26. Analysis | Travel the path of the solar eclipse, The Washington Post
  27. What is North Korea trying to hit?, The Washington Post
  28. Cassini’s Grand Tour, National Geographic
  29. ‘Shape of You’ Was 2017’s Biggest Track. Here’s How Ed Sheeran Made It., The New York Times
  30. Did the Turkish President’s Security Detail Attack Protesters in Washington? What the Video Shows, The New York Times
  31. The Science of Hummingbirds, National Geographic
  32. ESPN Snapchat – The Body Issue, ESPN
  33. MS13 12.22 | Snapchat, The Washington Post
  34. GAME OF THRONES 07.16 | Snapchat, The Washington Post
  35. Natural Disaster Coverage, The New York Times
  36. Washington Post Hurricane coverage, The Washington Post
  37. Heather Donahue: Individual Portfolio, ESPN
  38. Adam Pearce Portfolio, The New York Times
  39. Umi Syam Portfolio, The New York Times
  40. Portfolio; organization, National Geographic
  41. Reuters visual storytelling portfolio, Reuters
  42. Portfolio: Globe and Mail Presentation team, Globe and Mail

Awards of Excellence

440 entries received an Award of Excellence, which highlights work that goes beyond technical or aesthetic competency and can honor daring and innovative approaches. See the full list of award winners.

Judging Teams:


Graphics and Portfolios:

News and Special Events:

World’s Best Team:

Judges to resolve conflicts: Josh Penrod, The Star Tribune

Substitute Judge: Vitomir Zarkovic, National Geographic

Coordinators and Facilitators: Sisi Wei, Jeremy Gilbert, Ryan Sparrow, Joey Marburger, Stephen Komives.




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